New DOOM on PC Will Only Receive Modding Support via SnapMap, Basically Identical to PS4/Xbox One

The DOOM series has long been popular with PC gamers due to the amount of mods that have been created by the talented modding community. The good news is that mods will of course be available in the PC release as well as the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The bad news is that PC users won't be offered an advanced set of tools, but will instead be using pretty much the same set that PS4 and Xbox One users will have access to.

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DarkBlood1206d ago

oh well it was going to get modded to high hell with or without snapmap lol

Sureshot1206d ago

Lol! Yea I don't think they know what 'mod' is short for.

TheCommentator1206d ago

Good point! A map editor is not modding.

KyRo1206d ago

The map edidor looked basic at best too. Time splitters map editor is still one of the best in game map editors even today on consoles. So advanced for its time really.

TheCommentator1206d ago

Agreed. I just hope the next Far Cry puts back the MP editor and adds logic like Timesplitters had. I'm surprised no one has really done logic like that on consoles since then. Far Cry has the most robust FPS editor of any console game to date, but LBP and Project Spark are great too with all the logic options they offer.

Seafort1206d ago

Why do developers always insist on parity?

It's obvious that id software have lost their way and don't have a fking clue what PC platform is all about now.

It'll be modded without your tools whether you like it or not id software/Bethesda.

Perjoss1206d ago

Its not always that simple, many games in the past have been extremely non user-friendly when it comes to modding, to the point that modders just don't even bother.

Somebody1205d ago

It's all about control in a closed garden. Bethesda is the one who pushed for paid mods on Steam and they seem to be looking for a way to extend that into consoles. Since the Steam paid mod scheme failed, Bethesda need to start small with the paid console mods they're trying to add.

Also they can't have consoles only have fan made maps while the PC get all sorts of free mods thanks to the modders' own tools to help them mod hence the limitations/parity. What's the point of having hundreds of fan made maps on consoles when the PC fans are the only ones(besides having similar access or able to replicate those maps) who can play with The Avengers skins to face the demons in the Doom?

lemoncake1206d ago

On one hand you have fallout embracing mods and allowing them on console, well on Xbox one. Then in other you have doom where it's total opposite.

wakeNbake1206d ago

This game looks amazing! Its got the gunplay and map customization of Halo with the gore and crazy executions of Gears.

TwoForce1206d ago

Did you not play the original Doom ?

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