Until Dawn Could Surprise A Lot Of People

If this game delivers on its promises, not only will horror lovers be satisfied, but PlayStation 4 will get a much-needed, highly engaging exclusive.

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Thatguy-3101229d ago

I'm surprised how journalist aren't trashing this game. From the looks of it I'm sure it will do like heavy rain or even better. Can't wait to get my hands on it and if it offers a fun experience I truly hope that they bring more slasher games like it in the future.

Aery1229d ago

This game looks pretty awesome and I hope it can deliver what it seems to be promising.

On side note :

"... but PlayStation 4 will get a much-needed, highly engaging exclusive."

I don't even know where to start to counter this statement ...

robtion1229d ago

I hope it does well, looks really fun. Shame about the release date though. Still hoping they release a week or two early, it's too close to big releases like MGSV and Mad Max, while right now there is nothing.

FoxyGotGame1229d ago

Could this be the perfect game for Twitch Livestreams & YouTube Let's Play Videos?

Imagine the Twitch Audience deciding who lives or dies, or on YouTube, Until Dawn could be played episodically like 1 episode a week with audience participation.

".....See You Next Wednesday"

August 25th some annoying Teens will be Toast. Mwah ha ha ha! /

mkis0071229d ago

You may have something here!

TwoForce1229d ago

You are evil son of b**th. I love it.

Saijahn1229d ago

that would be awesome, the hero in me would want everyone to live though lol

FoxyGotGame1229d ago

Yeah but, but...

"We Don't Need Another Hero ...La la laa"

Sorry Hehe, Tina Turner (Mad Max 3)


FullmetalRoyale1229d ago

Yeah I had thought about doing that with a friend a while back. Taking turns, controlling certain characters, getting the other person killed when I make the wrong choice, could be a lot of fun.
I'm sure some people will have some clever ideas.

GribbleGrunger1229d ago

That's a very good idea. Bubble.

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Ciporta19801229d ago

I just expect it to get 6/10 everywhere like all these other ps4 exclusive games I've been playing that were actually more like 8/10

The_BlackHeart__1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

@Ciporta1980 Except that the PS4 has more games rated 90 or above that the WiiU and XBoxOne combined. I know you are entitled to have your own opinion, but don't use numbers if you don't want numbers to be used against you.

PS4's 90+ games total: 10
WiiU's 90+ games total: 6 (with 1 year advantage)
XB1's 90+ games total: 2

And if you want to go PC master race all over this, please keep in mind that PC hasn't had a single exclusive rated 90+ during this period just like the XB1

gamer11381229d ago

10? From your own link I count 5 multiplat games and 4 remasters leaving only Bloodborn as the true 90+ rated PS4 game.

lemoncake1229d ago

Metacritic is flawed, you cannot make such claims from it cause it's totally inaccurate.

Take Diablo 3 for example it's at 90 on ps4 and 86 on Xbox one. Game is totally identical. If anything from this you could say that Xbox games are reviewed harsher on Xbox, while there are a lot of ps reviewers that will over rate games and overinflate scores to boost Metacritic rating.

It even has missing multiplat games like Rayman legends which is 90 on ps4 but according to that Metacritic list it doesn't even exist in Xbox one, when it does.

Crimzon1229d ago

Bloodborne didn't get bad reviews. It was actually a really good game though so it's to be expected that it reviewed well. If something's trash then obviously it's gonna get bad scores.

uth111229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Bloodborne didn't. But I would argue that Knack should be at least 10 points higher on metacritic than it currently is (53??), and Order should be a bit higher as well.

Ciporta19801229d ago

Except little big planet 3, driveclub and the order are all really good games that scored low

OB1Biker1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Review scores are useless and we d all be better off without them. People take them too seriously

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Shazz1229d ago

man i loved heavy rain so if this is a horror version of that type of game then im in

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