Eurogamer Review: Go! Go! Break Steady

Dan Whitehead reports:

''Games that attempt something new should always receive some small measure of praise, even if their innovation involves nothing more ambitious than squashing and stitching two genres together by the flappy bits. So it is with Go! Go! Break Steady, a game that's amusements are often overshadowed by the feeling that the developer is simply trying too hard to manufacture something new from old material.

On one hand, it's a rhythm game. You're controlling Hydro and his All-City Crew as they compete in a funky hip-hop dance-off competition with DJ Scruffy and the Beatniks. It's that safe version of old school hip-hop that you might expect to find in The Lenny Henry Show, but the music isn't bad provided you're not too demanding. Icons representing the face buttons swoop onto the screen in time to the music and, yes, you hit them as they pass through a circle in the centre. The better you do, the better you dance.''

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