Splatoon's Next Splatfest Arrives Next Week

Hardcore Gamer: Summer is upon us and what’s a better way to kick off the third Splatfest than with the season’s most popular snacks? Inklings will have to choose between Team Hot Dog and Team Marshmallow if they want to compete in the festivities.

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ZeekQuattro1204d ago

Not a fan of either of those choices. I guess I'm going to sit this one out.

N4g_null1203d ago

Hmmmm mm I haven't ate marshmallows in a while. Mmmmmm marshmallow. I will fight over anything in this game lol.

N4g_null1203d ago

Well I will have no choice but to blow your weiner away! Prepare to become a uonic!

MNGamer-N1203d ago

I'm going team marshmallow on this one. Just for the simple fact that roasting a marshmallow requires more skill and finesse than roasting a hot dog. Hot dogs I usually put on a poker and stick a rock on the handle and then do other things.

Marshmallow FTW.

marloc_x1203d ago

Sounds like you may have eaten a blackened wiener or two in your day..


MNGamer-N1202d ago

LOL Yes, I have. and a wiener that has not been fully cooked as well. Both are kinda gross, unless you are really hungry.

Marshmallows will destroy.

CaptainN1203d ago

Marshmallows for the win !!