Madden 16 - Top Safeties Ratings Revealed

Madden NFL 16 has revealed the top Safeties and their ratings for the game! Who made the cut and who failed to measure up?

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nowitzki20041234d ago

Earl Thomas overall is not there.

"Earl Thomas: Overall"

TechRaptor1233d ago

That's been updated and his 95 has been added. thx

Jason - TR

nowitzki20041233d ago

Good article. Great safeties.

Wish Ed Reed was still up there with my Ravens.

IamTylerDurden11233d ago

Last year McCourty (go Rutgers) was everybody's budget safety in mut, high level mut.

Debating if i should get into mut again this yr, it cost me dearly last yr but the xmas promotion was awesome!

TechRaptor1232d ago

I find it hard for myself at least, to get into MUT. I get too invested in my online CFM's that they end up taking majority of my time!

But yes, McCourty is definitely a solid Safety. His coverage skills are bar none compared to the rest.

Jason - TR