The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Giese writes:

''Artificial Intelligence is taking increasingly more important roles in new video games. Instead of the once-simple enemies that patrolled set paths and performed an attack when the player got within an arbitrary distance, gamers of today expect enemies that work together, solve problems, and most importantly, express emotion. A game's artificial intelligence system is designed such that all these goals are met and enacted realistically in the right context in-game.
To get a better grasp of artificial intelligence in video games, we spoke with the people behind Kynapse, the same A.I. middleware solution used in the upcoming Fable 2.
To better understand Artificial Intelligence, we spoke with Michel Kripalani, Director of Business Development, Games Technology Group, who has been involved in projects developing tools like 3ds Max, Maya, HumanIK, and a premier artificial intelligence middleware solution named Kynapse. Kynapse's touch can be easily recognized in popular games like Crackdown and the upcoming blockbuster Fable 2.

To get a more academic view of how AI functions in today's world, we also got in touch With Dr. Dale Courte, associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Dayton. Dr. Courte specializes in researching evolutionary computation (technical for "self-perfecting equations"), pattern classification, and machine learning.''

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and Heavy Rain could be a revolution rather than an evolution.