Game Vortex Review: Schizoid

Ricky Tucker reports:

''Schizoid's minimalist approach to presentation is similar to Geometry Wars. All of the on-screen objects are either red or blue and stick to basic, animated outlines. The only time the game shows any sort of "over-the-top" pyrotechnics is during explosions, such as in the accompanying screenshot. Sure they look cool, but they become more of a detriment the deeper you get into the game. It isn't uncommon to see upwards of 15+ enemies on-screen at once, and they have a tendency to bunch up.

Sound is equally low-key and made up primarily of guitar riffs accompanied by a few drum beats. Chances are you'll drown the background music out either with your own talking or because of the amount of attention paid to getting out of each level, but it's nice to know that it's there.''

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