PlayStation Summer Report Card

PlayStation has been through a lot of games in the last three months, but it’s time for them to get graded on what they offered us these past few months: games, consoles, and software. Each one helps build on each other, and hopefully Sony did it right.

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FallenAngel19841207d ago

I've been enjoying a great backlog of games offered on discount from PSN these last couple of months

98xpresent1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I'd give it an A.

_-EDMIX-_1207d ago

Agreed. Just got Dino Crisis 1 and 2 for like 2 bucks each last night on PS3.

The backlog continues to grow lol Can't wait til next week's sale as I want to buy some of those old PS titles on sale, Square never puts junk on sale and I really, really want FFIX!!!!! (but don't want to pay $10) lol

Also got Everyone Gone To The Rapture for like $15 for pre-ordering during the sale. As I'm not sure if it will get a retail release and I want to buy it day 1.

Vestten1207d ago

I'm sorry but PS4 is losing me. Nothing but indie title after indie title. Where are all the big AAA exclusives. Oh yeah, I have to wait til next year or the year after. I enjoy Indies but they don't push the system to greatness. People need to stop the hype and push Sony to do something other than push out indie after Indie. It's become my new PS3, a dust collector.

Rimeskeem1207d ago

So you missed Bloodborne?

GNCFLYER1207d ago

Sorry u feel that way.

The PS4 has been my most played console so far. I bought a ps3 at launch and after resistance I didn't touch it for a year and a half.

The 4 though has been played almost daily since FedEx dropped it off on launch day. A lot has been 3rd party but a game is a game, and I have a backlog.

littlezizu1207d ago

Order - Feb, Bloodborne & Helldrivers- march, Mlb show- may, Rocket league- July, Until Dawn & Everbody gone to rapture - August, Tearaway Unfold - September , Dragon quest Heroes & Uncharted collection- October, Disgaea 5 - November and hopefully Persona 5, RIME and Tomorrow Children - December.

Sony has more than double AAA exclusives in 2015, so your argument don't hold well.

NewAgeisHere1207d ago

Well it's not as bad as you say, for me Killzone multiplayer and Bloodborne are the two things that keep me busy. It is true though that the line up isn't that stellar (yet).

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