It’s Time To Duel: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Now Available on PS4/XB1

Konami's first current-gen home console Yu-Gi-Oh! is now available on PSN and Xbox Live in North America and Europe.

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DarkBlood1208d ago

i wonder if this will come to steam? oh well i'll get it either way

Abash1208d ago

I have to say I really enjoyed the demo

Fullmetalevolust1208d ago

I also am unaware that there was a demo for this game. It looks really nice, I'll go check it out.

SilentNegotiator1208d ago

The best part about these games back in the day was that I didn't have to gamble money at buying booster packs of the cards. It was just all digital.

Can anyone confirm whether or not this game has microtransactions? Because if it does, it ruins the best thing about them.

jdktech20101208d ago

All card packs are purchased with in game currency. I haven't found a way to buy in game currency (though I haven't looked that deep)

supersonicjerry1208d ago

they have premade decks that you can buy but all in all you get cards from winning as well as points and with those points you buy booster packs. you also have to beat certain story missions to unlock the booster packs