10 Games You Need This Fall

There are a ton of games coming out for this fall and holiday season, as well as a couple great late summer games. It’s almost overwhelming. Luckily, I have picked the top ten games to get this fall. There are a lot to pick from, so just bear with me as I try to find the ten best games that you need to play in this last half of the year. (List is by release date: soonest to latest.)

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nowitzki20041231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Just Cause 3 def. is not #1. Cant wait to play it but MGSV or Star Wars Battlefront hold that position for me.

And how is an expansion on this list?

jb2271230d ago

Those are in order of release, not anticipation. For me though, JC3 is easily at the top of my list for the holidays, I have a feeling it'll be an even better sleeper hit than the last one. I'm too impatient for stealth titles so MGSV isn't really on my radar personally.

JacketsNest1011231d ago

I definitely do NOT need Just Cause 3. Especially when o
I can wait three more days and gather a game with a significantly larger story, world, and dev team. Bring on the Xenoblade Chronicles X, December can't get here fast enough!!