Is the PS4’s true competitor set to be the Nintendo NX?

PS4News: "Nintendo has said that sometime in 2016, they will release more information on their enigmatic NX."

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Sureshot1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Ps4 already has a competitor in the X1... Is xbox losing saleswise? Yes, but still a competitor nonetheless.

Clearly a stealth bait article PSG4MER

MightyNoX1208d ago

When Indies abandon your platform
When European publishers don't bother publishing an XBox version
When Japanese developers completely skip you
When Kingmaker Call of Duty breaks off the long-standing affair---

We don't call that a competition. We call that 'Also Ran'

AngelicIceDiamond1208d ago

When indies abandon your platform?

That's odd whats this?

So MS losing out on early piece of DLC is makes them none competitive now that's interesting. I highly agree on Jap devs skipping Xbox. Don't know what you mean by European pubs skipping out on Xbox.

Heres hoping NX is competitive but MS is still just as competitive.

breakpad1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

NX could really take PS4 by surprise ..Nintendo is a loved company and can compete direct with Sony at least in their homeland if NX is equivalant to PS4 ...Nintendo is known for stealing /persuading with exclusive deals more easily the big Japanese Devs..and is the one of these points where Xone totally lacks support (and huge sales) cause of its origin ...even now i have in my mind some hidden aces they may prepare like Monster HUnter 5 which will onslaught the Japanese market good example that Ninty can explode sales out of nowhere with one and only quality title is Splatoon

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StrayaKNT1207d ago Show
DevilOgreFish1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Success in all manufacturer's hands. What makes up the sales figures of a specific brand doesn't necessarily mean brand loyalty; it's a collection of families and people. people that may be oblivious to the competition, and they have the right to choose or have both.

miyamoto1207d ago

The Steam Machines

When it comes to 'games and games services' I believe the Steam Machines are the real threat to PS4's dominance in the living room. Steam is one of the most prolific games services in the world.

I hope they come soon.

Brettman20081207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


Actually, no. PS4 has more games and more exclusives than Xbox One. And much more game diversity.

blady_man1207d ago

@gearsdoodoobro, i dont think the same way as u do, if a new console comes out with games people wants to play and enough power under the bonnet people will buy it!! Not just casuals but true gamers!! The wii sold so well because the casuals bought it but people keep forgeting that withing those millions sold quite a few were from gamers too not just casual, so if nintendo brings a decent piece of kit with the amazing games they have, please Count me IN. I already own both xbone and ps4 so the nx will be a nice addition and will be able to get all the best out of the 3 systems!!!

Bolts1207d ago

If you're waiting for Steam macines then you don't need one. The people who actually cares about this already build their own.

RustyShackleford1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

@breakpaad If Nintendo is so loved why the lack of 3Rd party support? And your argument of exclusive sway is honestly laughable. Take for instance arkham origins dlc, planned but later cancelled due to lack of expected sales and that's not the only game this has happened to. I challenge you to name some multiplat games that have GOOD nintendo only dlc that skipped sony and MS.

bouzebbal1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

i think that you should respect the competition no matter how poor it's performing.
In sports it's the exact same thing.. you should always respect your opponents no matter how good you are.
To a gamer, competition isn't in the sales but in the games and experiences offered.
I'm not an xbox fan for what it's offering. This article should be banned the assumptions are completely fanboy.
We know absolutely nothing about NX. I just hope they don't make something too weird again.

suckingeggs1207d ago

So many factors to consider

By the time nx releases the ps4 will be well over 30 million sold with a robust library.. Plus dragon quest that the article refers to is confirmed for ps4 also

But the main thing is all the Nintendo fans that will have lost trust in Nintendo especially the Wii u backers.. I lost trust after the gamecube Fiasco and never bought a Nintendo console since but I still buy their handhelds

Nintendo have a massive battle ahead not with Sony and Microsoft but with their own fanbase..

Nintendo can really make amends by releasing at a 149 price point.. But knowing Nintendo Im doubtful that they will.. but even I would be tempted at that pricepoint

Nintendo need to really make smart moves Now including their online set up needs a massive overhaul.. Let's Hope Nintendo get with the times and become more open

morganfell1207d ago

"Is the PS4’s true competitor set to be the Nintendo NX?"


I am laughing but not at the NX. I am laughing at the ridiculous conjecture formed by the headline of this story. It isn't about the hardware. It is about the management of said hardware. Nintendo actually had a wonderful opportunity with the Wii U. And they failed to capitalize on it.

This incident wasn't a one off.

Although they sold more consoles with the Wii, that was due to the new gamer/granny crowd and they actually missed with that chance as well. It is their outdated tightfisted unevolving management properties. They will certainly sell to those persons that are already Nintendo fans. But if they continue on the same path that is the only crowd they will garner. They may snag a few here and there who are curious but that will be all. So no, the NX isn't a PS4 competitor.

ABizzel11207d ago

This article is full of so much stupid.

The Wii U was without question the weakest of the next-gen consoles. And there's no way to make a $150 NX and have it be more powerful than the XBO and PS4, the only way it can claim most powerful hardware at $150 is if it's a handheld first and foremost.

And as far as the rumors of NX being less powerful than PS4, GOOD. Nintendo doesn't need a $400 console to sell when the PS4 and XBO will have been on the market for 3 years by the time it launches and drop down to $300 along with 3 years worth of games, and install bases hovering around 50m / 30m, with NX having 0. Aiming for XBO performance is a much easier task, and can be done at a much lower price for consumers at $250.

Nintendo needs to be worrying about increasing the fanbase they're selling first and foremost instead of worrying about MS and Sony. At a reasonable price ($250), and with a first party line-up fans have been asking for for several generations now (Pokemon MMO, Pokemon Snap 2, Metroid, New IP), free online, and improvements to other areas of the console Nintendo can get out of these unfortunately consistent 30m or less selling consoles (from N64 - Wii U, excluding Wii), and get a much better 50m - 60m consistent user base going.

lemoncake1207d ago

Let me know when all that happens.

Azzanation1207d ago

So basically your saying the PS3 was not the 360s competitor...

Your comment is the reason I hate reading comments.

re2_apocalypse1207d ago

@StrayaKNT is exactly the type of tool fanboy that tries to justify his purchase by saying whatever comes out his a** and then follows up with "In my Opinion" ROFL

[email protected]1207d ago

Well, you guys talk about the NX as a predetermined thing without knowing if it is a console or handled yet. Why, do I mention this... well, recently a new pokemon movie was released and and new pokemon was show on that movie. Which for me it probably means than Nintendo is releasing a new generation for a new handled system.

Until Nintendo don't saying otherwise the NX it is a handled for me, based on the recently fact about the pokemon movie show on theater in Japan.

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Rimeskeem1208d ago

Did you even read the article? Literally first sentence:

The Playstation 4 hit the shelves in America in late November 2013, and has since been in rather fierce competition with Nintendo’s WiiU and Microsoft’s XBOXOne

Noz1207d ago

salenumbers of consoles AND games! numbers dont lie, there is no serious competition for sony at the moment, lets see what nintendo does, but ps4 is king of the hill right now nobody can deny that!

AndrewLB1207d ago

Except for PC which pulls in more gaming revenue than PS4, Xbone, and Wii u combined.


Death1207d ago


Spot on, but n4g users will deny it fiercely.

As for competition, PSNow and Morpheus are Sony's biggest competitors as far as the PS4 is concerned. Sony is marketing Morpheus as a separate platform.

PSNow compatibility is being pushed in Samsung and Sony HDTV's and can stream PS4 games when Sony decides to do so. Every quarter we see Sony tell investors the road to profitability is through enhanced services such as PSPlus, PSVue and PSNow.

DragonKnight1207d ago

@Death: You tried using those B.S. numbers too and so I'm going to tell Andrew what I told you and add stuff to his B.S. A) Posting a picture is proof of nothing. B) The statements you yourself gave previously were just that, statements. Someone made an unbacked assertion and you people ran with it. C) Including tablets and phones as "PCs" is intellectually dishonest. If PC were making more money for gaming, that's where the majority of support would be and it's not.

Stop parroting lies, or provide solid, fact based evidence and not assertions.

iDadio1207d ago

Unless it gets third party support then no, without a gimmick or something new like the wii it will never get close unless it has quality first party games backed up by third party along wit the rest of the consoles.

Now I'm no Nintendo hater but it'll take more than endless Mario games and a promise of a Zelda to draw me in.

Magicite1207d ago

Any gaming device is competitor to PS4, but so far PS4 ha been cruising along.

Haru1207d ago

I don't see PS4 competing with xbone, PS4 is soo far ahead in sales now it's not even a competion anymore let's be serious

wellard1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

That's not how it works. The Xbox One is competing in the same arena as the ps4, therefore it's a competitor. Regardless of sales figures or personal preference.

re2_apocalypse1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Wrong Post Location

otherZinc1206d ago

The PS4 will be cought by the XBOX ONE in the US Market by December 31st 2015.

The PS4 has their hands full getting AAA Exclusive Next-generation Games.

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FallenAngel19841208d ago

PS4 is the second fastest selling console after Wii. If Xbox One can't pose much of a threat to it, what honest chance does the NX have?

TheGreatGamer1208d ago

A threat? Trust me, the gaming market would be a real shitty place if Microsoft and Nintendo didn't challenge PS4, be grateful that all 3 are enjoying certain levels of success

1207d ago
FallenAngel19841208d ago

For one, Nintendo isn't enjoying much success with their current console since its the lowest selling one they've ever had in terms of hardware and software.

Second, what part of my post made it sound like Nintendo and Microsoft aren't needed in the industry?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1208d ago

so a competitor is a threat?

Halo2ODST21207d ago

technically yes... well in terms of biology

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1207d ago

so a company sole existence is to threat other companies instead of making profit.

Rimeskeem1208d ago

The Xbox One does pose a threat, it may be behind in sales but that doesnt mean they are trying to steal whoever they can from Sony.

barb_wire1207d ago

Maybe in North America and possibly the UK it does, as for world wide, then no, it's not even a competition.

As for the NX, it hasn't even been officially revealed or has a release date. So, how can it be competition for the PS4 as well as the X1?

For arguments sake, let's say the NX releases next fall (Oct/Nov 2016) by that time where will the PS4 be in consoles sold 50 or 60mil? The X1 should be around 35, 40mil? How would the NX even be competition cause that would be a substanial lead your competitors have (console wise) and you've only just come out.

wellard1207d ago

"PS4 is the second fastest selling console after Wii. If Xbox One can't pose much of a threat to it, what honest chance does the NX have?"

You just answered your own question. Sony has a console that is selling second best to nintendos old console.

So the best selling console ever belongs to Nintendo and your asking what chance do they have?

If they put out solid system with great 3rd part support, they have every chance. We just won't know until it's released.

FallenAngel19841207d ago

Wii sold well thanks to the casual market. When the mobile market took off and Move/Kinect released, Wii sales took a nosedive. It can't be used as proof of anything besides Nintendo having a lightning in a bottle moment.

PS4 and X1 will have a substantial lead by the time NX arrives. Its absurd to think that NX will pose any real threat when it'd be competing with consoles that have 30+ million userbase.

The thing about if Nintendo had 3rd party it'd dominate thinking is flawed. GCN had some third party support and even with plenty of 1st party exclusives it still sold less than newcomer Xbox.

wellard1205d ago

Of course there's a chance. If it's a successful console and bearing in mind I'm using the word If. If it's successful people who don't currently have the Xbox One or ps4 may choose the nx therefore reducing the sales of the ps4. That is, no matter how you spin it going to have a negative impact on sales. Let's say there are (for arguments sakes) 200 million potential gamers out there. 2 way split for ps4 X1 would be 100 million each over 10 years, with another competitor that's a 3 way split therefore less sales all around, ergo, a threat to sales.

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SaveFerris1208d ago

I wonder how what the PS4 sales numbers worldwide will be by the time the NX launches? And the Xbox One sales too.

Xavior_Reigns1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Say its late 2016, PS4 may be approaching** 50 million, give or take.

SaveFerris1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

That would be very impressive. Sony would likely be very happy with those numbers.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1208d ago

I say 40m at lowest or 50m at highest.

Rimeskeem1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

50 million is doable depending on the games that come, we will hopefully see Horizon, Uncharted, TLG, and maybe GoW and even more of a maybe some kind of Gran Turismo.

Ck1x1207d ago

So realistically you believe that the PS4 will sell 25 million systems by next year? Sony is not dropping the price anytime soon.

benji1011207d ago

50 million is a little bit crazy.

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Xavior_Reigns1208d ago

Yup, but like I said, give or take. As for XBO well that's much more difficult to estimate, but I'd say 35 - 45 million. Either way, NX would have to be incredible since both will finally be in their prime.

TheGreatGamer1208d ago

All nintendo needs is an innovative, family-friendly console like the original Wii and it'll blow both PS4 and XB1 sales out of the water but, would this make it the best console? Of course not, that answer is entirely based on subjective preferences, not sales numbers on a spreadsheet

TwoForce1207d ago

That's stupid ideas I ever heard.

TheGreatGamer1207d ago

Okay it appears that people did not understand my comment. Nintendo have been hinting that their new console is going to be cheap and a new type of gaming, therefore, it makes sense that if this new innovation is as innovative and fun as the Wii's motion controls, sales could be as big as the Wii (the best selling home console of all time). It's much easier said than done but it's a possibility.

2pacalypsenow1207d ago

people already have that its called a wii

hiawa231207d ago

But, isn't that what the Wiiu is/was

Cerious9141207d ago

Actually the Wii is not the most successful console of all time. The PS2 outsold the Wii.... Just pointing that out

DarXyde1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

UHHHH...Nintendo already has an innovative, family friendly platform. 2, in fact. The thing is, the Wii did so we'll because it was a cheap, casual (overall) platform that anyone could play. The Wii U isn't doing so well because (a) people probably think it's an add-on or (b) the same casual market that owns a Wii sees no need to buy another gaming platform. It's no different from your parents asking why you need a PlayStation 2 when you already had a Nintendo 64 when you were younger. People likely don't see the difference here.

Regardless, Nintendo's NX is completely up in the air. I doubt it'll be weak though. It's supposed to be able to run Unreal 4. Guess we'll see.

They're better off with a Nintendo 64 approach: powerful, many exclusives, great number of must have titles.

remixx1161207d ago

Ummmmmm you are aware that the ps2 is the best selling home console ever right???? I like a rather large margin.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081208d ago

It won't be strong like PS4 and xbox one from what i've read, so nope!
weak nintendo sauce again.

Big_Game_Hunters1207d ago

Yeah? Confirmed specs already? please link sources.