Quantum Break - "Live Action Stuff is Good", You'll be "Positively Surprised" By It

OnlySP: Tweets coming out of the development team of Quantum Break are optimistic about how the title hopes to handle its ambitious claim to blend video game and live action. According to preliminary reports, after playing through a segment of the game, you will be able to watch a live action segment.

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christocolus1208d ago

Good. They seem quite confident. I like well made sci fi shows. I hope this compliments the gameplay in a very good/innovative way. we will know in a few days.

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gangsta_red1208d ago

Interesting to see this is still something in the works.

In all honesty I thought Remedy and MS quietly slipped the live action part of the game under the rug hoping everyone would forget about it.

I know I did.

KilKarazy1208d ago

Kinda scares me. Sounds like the order

Elit3Nick1208d ago

You realise they're talking about the live action series tie in right?

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