Rocket League Patch 1.03 Is Live On PC and PS4, Full Patch Notes Released

Rocket League’s latest update is now live on the PC and PS4. This new update also fixes the achievements for the game on PC and PS4 in addition to various other fixes.

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Xavior_Reigns1148d ago

Oood stuff, now I know why I wasn't unlocking Sweet Tooth.

TheLoCoRaven1148d ago

Same here. I had no clue. I've only used about 3 cars.

nowitzki20041148d ago

I unlocked him a while ago, and for the trophy with driving a total of whatever miles/kilometers you need to use the same set of wheels.

scark921147d ago

Thanks for sharing that!

UKmilitia1147d ago

i wonder why it doesnt mention the fan issue on ps4.

Xavior_Reigns1147d ago

Maybe they need more time? I have my PS4 in the open & clean it, so the fan doesn't go crazy on me. It only does so after very long sessions, but those don't happen that often nowadays for me.

JMaine5181148d ago

Damn no more rage quitting for me in ranked matches lol

BiggCMan1148d ago

Lol, was this you by any chance? XD

This guy must have been so mad. People need to stop leaving in this game, it's just fun.

nowitzki20041148d ago

I have felt like quitting a lot of times. End up on the wrong team, I center the ball in a 3v3, no one is there...... The other team heads in the other direction and there is no one there defending, easy goal for the other team..... "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"

jwhite331147d ago

It is fun, but there are a lot of people that play 3v3 that have no sense of teamwork. And this game really requires it. Random team mates rarely work out in my favor.

knickstr1148d ago

Love the ranked player ban for 15 minutes. Great idea with that one.

TheLoCoRaven1148d ago

I like how the 15min ban does whats needed but doesn't punish you if you have to leave and quit playing. Sometimes I'm on call for work and don't want to get penalized if I get a call and have to turn the game off. Perfect solution.

generic-user-name1148d ago

Yes! They've fixed the Far Far Away trophy, the only thing standing in the way of my platinum.

TheLoCoRaven1148d ago

I think I just have far far away, and doing the 10 wins in a row. I haven't felt like firing up a rookie season to guarantee that yet.

spacedelete1148d ago

far far away trophy is such a drag and its ruining the game for me. anyone know how to get it quicker because it seems its too grindy for me to even try.

Captain_Wormy1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Just grab a rubber band wrap it around the left stick and on the right trigger and leave it on overnight or just do your everyday things.

generic-user-name1148d ago

I'm pretty sure I'd have it by now if it counted Online play like it should have, although it says 500km it actually pops at 68km or something like that (unless that's been fixed too).

spacedelete1148d ago

@Captain_Wormy thats too much effort just for one trophy.

Snookies121147d ago

How is that too much work? You literally take a few seconds out to set up the controller, then leave it running for a few hours.

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nowitzki20041148d ago

"“Far, Far Away” Trophy can now be unlocked via online play"

Had no idea at all it didn't work online, I was wondering why it would never go up even though I played like 1,000 games.

Father__Merrin1148d ago

has the overheating ps4 issue gone away?

90Supra1147d ago

I was looking at the patch mention of the issue at all...


CantBeStopped1147d ago

Must have already been gone cause I've been playing the game for hours and hours and have had zero heat issues.

paul-p19881145d ago

They fixed that in either the 1st or 2nd patch, if by some weird fluke it still affects you just aim the camera at the top of your car so the screen is filled with your car and the ground and the fan slows down again anyway.

Father__Merrin1145d ago

i think thety could have avoided if they didnt have individual grass render tbh its too taxing

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