Do blockbuster movies really need video games?

Jordan Higgins looks back on the idea of making video games to go with movies and wonders if the practice should continue.

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pompombrum1205d ago

Probably the biggest perk of the increased development costs of games.. no more garbage movie games. I'm all for games based on movies but it really got to the point where most hardcore gamers would just outright dismiss games that were released around the same time as the movies.

chrisx1205d ago

most blockbuster movies games suck and are just quick cash grabs. i can only think of spiderman 2 on ps2 that was rly good

Stringerbell1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

No they rent necessary because the middle market is dead (unfortunately). Its easier to make a mobile game for X marvel movie then sink millions into a game that inevitably will be rushed. Of course we had some good ones along the way just going by the picture here- The Warriors, Aladdin, Riddick, and Spiderman were all great fun.

wellard1205d ago

I was about to comment saying some can occasionally be good with riddick as an example. Good game. Also worth a mention is scarface. That was an epic game

jmc88881205d ago

Since when has it been about need?

It's always been about making money because they know they can entice fans of a new movie to buy a game to try to 'live the movie'.

Sometimes it's good, most of the times it's bad.

kneon1205d ago

The also don't need t-shirts, action figures and cheap toys in your happy meal, but that's not going to stop either.

Skankinruby1205d ago

No,they don't need sequels either. But there's this silly thing called money that people tend to like and want more of.....just sayin