Nvidia Begins Major Recall of Shield Tablets

Major recall on Nvidia tablets from July 2014 to present.

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Digital_Anomaly1204d ago

I only know a small handful of people who actually have one of these. Considering such a low adoption rate this is probably something Nvidia would have preferred to avoid, just scares away potential customers!

Eonjay1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Overheating? How was this not tested.
Is this the Green Brick of Death?

Fishy Fingers1204d ago

You could write headlines for half the sites that post here.

Christopher1204d ago

Sorry, you fail to use the "of Death" title wrong. That designation must be applied to the color of a light, not to a non-luminous item.

ginsunuva1204d ago

The chinese company that made the batteries knew about it and kept quiet since it affects maybe 1 in 10000

crazychris41241204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

You could say these tablets werent properly...shielded

Christopher1204d ago

*tosses a rotten tomato up in the air and catches it with the same hand*

Say one more bad joke. One more. I dare ya.

Lon3wolf1204d ago

You'll have to ketchup to him first.

Me runs and puts on rotten tomato armour.

BVFTW1204d ago

Run boy! Run! LMFAO XD

generalwinter1204d ago

Well, I was going to trade my iPad for one of these, but certainly not now!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1204d ago

Find someone without knowledge of the recall to buy it off of, you'll get a new one through Nvidia most likely (would look into it first). My friend was a fairly early adopter and I hardly see the guy without it! Aha

ginsunuva1204d ago

You were never going to trade anything. Why bother lying?

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