Top 5 Most Effective Game Soundtracks

Ashley from GamersFTW writes: Soundtracks in videogames are vastly overlooked and yet composition has the ability to transform a setting, induce emotion and completely change the tone of a scene; here are my top 5 gaming soundtracks that had a lasting impression on me.

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DarkOcelet1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Mass Effect should be on the list along with 100 other games.

Silent Hill ost is crazy and fitting the atmosphere too.

ArchangelMike1152d ago

Red Dead Redemption says "hi".

Speaking of Rockstar Games - GTA:Vice City just kicked the door down!

scark921152d ago

Red Dead <3 When you go to mexico! :DD

TeamLeaptrade1151d ago

Yeah I second RDR. One of the best gaming soundtracks in my opinion.

GamerGabs1152d ago

Nice list (I love Journey's soundtrack) but felt like top 5 really didn't cover it, as there are so many fantastic gaming soundtracks. Perhaps top composers would have covered more ground.

IamTylerDurden11152d ago

Journey should number 1 hands down.

hamshira1152d ago

Metal Gear Solid! Ladder scene...

Yukes1152d ago

A bit niche, but Body Harvest's soundtrack way back on the N64 was wonderfully atmospheric and really elevated the game.

Maple221152d ago

A good list... I love games that have subtle soundtracks that you don't realise the impact of until later on.

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The story is too old to be commented.