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The MGL team do a tag-team review on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

MGL: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an outstanding RPG. It should appeal to all those who like mature themed games as well as gamers who prefer a real challenge when it comes to difficulty.
Witcher 3 is well worth the wait and in all honesty the price tag is a bargain with the amount of content you get. Regardless of the format you play the game looks great and plays fantastically well with some excellent dark storylines and epic fights.

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--bienio--1204d ago

Totally deserve amazing game!!!

nowitzki20041204d ago

Its a good score. Its a 10 for me, game on pc and the game looks stunning. Sometime I have trouble playing the game because of the beautiful scenery no matter where you are in the game. Love to use the fee cam that's with the debug enabler mod. The trails in the game look so realistic with grass and trees all over the place. The gameplay is amazing, every enemy is so different and quests and side quests are so much fun.