New additions to Gears of War Ultimate Edition revealed

Tons of new details regarding the additions made to Gears of War Ultimate Edition have been revealed. These include small improvements such as the ability to use the weapon selector while roadie running as well as larger upgrades like the cut-scenes being totally recreated using motion capture and advanced animations techniques.

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BillytheBarbarian1146d ago

Depends on the price. If they try to sell me this old game for 59.99 I can leave it on the shelf and continue my Gears 3 just like I did on Judgement.

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Juiceid1146d ago

If it does launch at 59.99, I don't see that price holding for long. Most die hard fans will pick it up no matter what, and when we run out the rest will follow. Basically, they'll get what they can for as long as they can. Sale prices will come quickly.

Dirtnapstor1146d ago

There's two versions of the game, a regular Ultimate Edition and a Ultimate Edition Deluxe. 40 & 60 $$$ respectively.

JamesBroski1146d ago

It's 49.99$ in Canada. Considering that new releases are now 79.99$ here, 50 bucks is a really good price.

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ChuckTheIceMan1146d ago

Played gears 1 for endless hours splitscreen and online. Just a super great game.

Juiceid1146d ago

Gears and until dawn both at the end of the month! Goodbye summer and hello gaming!!

spicelicka1146d ago

Still the best tps multiplayer I've ever played. Just so badasss.