PlayStation Store digital preorder bonus revealed for Fallout 4

The PlayStation Store has revealed its preorder bonus for the upcoming Fallout 4.

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Heyxyz1208d ago

Pretty cool, I love themes. Not getting a theme (when they're offered) is the only regret I have when I buy a physical copy.

roguedragon11208d ago

Can't say it's giving me an incentive to pre order on ps4 maybe if they drop the price a little I might consider pre ordering.

TheBurger291208d ago

Drop the price a little? You do realize the amount of work they put into a game like this and how much you get out of the game? Besides you shouldnt need a pre-order bonus to convince you to buy this game, or a price drop.

donthate1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I think in terms of getting a free Fallout 3 (via BC) for Xbox One if you pre-order makes it a better value than the PS4 version with a free theme so dropping the price to even it out.

Also, the PS4 version isn't sure to get mod, whereas Xbox One does.

WellyUK1207d ago

shut up you fool the prices they ask for digitally on consoles is a joke, only The Witcher 3 has been priced properly at £42.99 which is more like the retail prices rather than £49.99 + that they usually charge, buying digitally atm is a no go in the UK...

Transporter471207d ago


Well, I already have Fallout 3 via PC with Mods. Fallou 3 bc means nothing to me besides owning a game somewhere else. Ps4 will get the Mods for sure. The mod tool is not going to be available until next year. They said the only reason X1 *might* get mods first is because of windows 10. They did say they are trying to release the mod for both X1 and Ps4 simultaneously.

arkard1207d ago

Until digital can compete with Best Buy GCU, Ill never buy digital at release. Why pay full price when I can get any game for 48$ and tax? Sometimes cheaper yet if BB is offering 10$ in reward certificates.

spacedelete1208d ago

Xbox One gets Fallout 3. PS4 gets a theme. lame.

KwietStorm1208d ago

PS4 obviously can't get Fallout 3, so at least it's something.

DLConspiracy1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Well maybe they could put it for free on ps now?

IamTylerDurden11207d ago

Fallout 3 is going to be bc anyway so u won't be able to play it on your xbone basically until Fallout 4 releases. It's a limited time preorder bonus getting Fallout 3, not everyone getting the xbone version is getting it.

It's the bare bones version, not the goty version of Fallout 3, u can get the bare bones Fallout 3 on steam sales for a few dollars or used in the bargain bin for the same, not really worth more than a 3.99 theme tbh.

I think most Fallout fans have played Fallout 3 by now anyway. I get my games physical anyway. I would rather have the theme since i put 180 hrs into Fallout 3 and do not plan on playing the same last gen version again.

S2Killinit1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

How does xbone get fallout 3? Hope you dont mean by BC.

donthate1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Falllout 3 is free with Fallout 4 via BC on Xbox One.

Rainbow Six includes both Rainbow Six Vegas games from Xbox 360 for free as well.

Pretty sweet!

S2Killinit1207d ago

That is pretty cool. Although i dont see how i would play both. Once 4 is released i want to play 4 not 3. It was the same thing with PS3 backwards compatibility, it was cool to have, but i never used it except for one game i believe. I would have preferred playing Fallout 3 on PSNow before Fallout 4 release. Unfortunately its not available. Did fallout 3 ever release on PS3?

donthate1207d ago

From what I read, Fallout 3 BC will likely be released prior to Fallout 4 release. If you order digital version, you will get access to Fallout 3 sooner.

So you can get started having fun sooner!

Pretty sweet!!!

S2Killinit1207d ago

Wait, i thought with BC you have to have a physical copy. I thought you meant a physical/digital copy of Fallout 3 is included when you buy Fallout 4. So how can you get Fallout 3 for free prior to release of Fallout 4?

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kingdom181207d ago

Yeah, and its going to be the same exact version as on the PS3, 360, and PC, which has a $10 value. Oh, some one save me, I think I'm going to turn into a pile of salt any minute now. /s

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S2Killinit1208d ago

I might reconsider my physical copy now... Hmm which one to choose... Better be... GRIFFINDOR! lol ive lost it.

soul-assassin-1208d ago

i have chosen to buy this on my xbox one over ps4 for this game. Mainly because of earlier Mod support .

IamTylerDurden11207d ago

U do realize that Todd Howard said mods are coming to PS4 as well and that mods aren't coming to any console on release, in fact it will be well into 2016 until even xbone gets mods. Many ppl will be done playing the game by then.

So getting mods in March 2016 rather than April 2016 makes that big of a deal?

TriangleOffense1207d ago

He also said it may not happen as sony has to approve eah and every mod. Buy on xbox one if your getting it on a console

IamTylerDurden11207d ago

@ triangleoffense

I never heard him say "it may not happen" only for 1 company.

Bethesda has to approve every mod, sony just has to say "ok". It's rigorous for Bethesda, not Sony. I doubt the approval process will be any different for Sony as compared to ms.

With Bethesda's history of shipping technically flawed games i'd rather they work on patching Fallout 4 after release than mods. I'd prefer a pristine bug-free game as opposed to a broken game that has mods.

soul-assassin-1207d ago

No I didn't realize that....

Antifan1207d ago

The only platform that will get early mod support is PC. Mods won't come to Xbox/PS4 until 2016.
Get PC for premium experience.

IamTylerDurden11206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Agreed, you are correct. PC is the place to play Fallout if u want mods. The way ms used this whole mod bs to sell consoles is manipulative, u buy F4 at launch and u will have beat the game by the tkme u get mods, on console.

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