Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 is almost flawless

GameZone: "Last night I was finally chosen. Chosen to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to the shiny and new Windows 10, and of course one of the first features I was really pumped to try out was the Xbox One streaming capabilities. Needless to say, it's damn near flawless."

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DirtyPete1205d ago

Haven't taken the dive myself but good to hear its a positive experience. I wouldn't hope it any different :)

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curtis921205d ago

It's so true. I can't believe how well it runs, AND supports 60fps too. And I'm super picky about latency, too. I can't do PS Now because (as impressive as the tech is) there's just too much latency to seriously game with that service. But when it's streamed locally through wifi/LAN, it's nearly flawless.

Death1205d ago

Not to mention on any size screen you want. I tried remote play on my Vita and it just didn't make sense for me. It's a nice concept but unless a games is made with the small screen in mind it doesn't work well.

PsylentKiller1205d ago

I can't seem to get mine to work properly. Way too much latency. I have a wired connection for both Xbox and PC. My router is an Apple AirPort Extreme.
My specs:
CPU: AMD 8350
GPU: Gigabyte GTX Titan 6gb
RAM: 16gb
MB: ASUS Sabertooth
SSD 64gb for Windows only
HDD 3tb 7200rpm
HAF X 942

Death1205d ago

You may need to adjust the settings. When streaming the default is high quality. Give medium a try and you should see a huge improvement. Your home network is what determines your quality setting.

Anomander1205d ago

Agree with with Death. Try adjusting your Streaming settings on the Xbox App on Win 10.

Played Fifa 15 with my son the other day. He was in the living room and I was in the office. Felt like I was back in college yelling back and forth :) No lag whatsoever.

Godz Kastro1205d ago

Yeah, I tried it and it worked flawlessly. Good stuff.

Software_Lover1205d ago

My sons used it yesterday playing Destiny and Minecraft. Works great. I have an Xbox one in the living room and one in the den. I also have a mini pc next to the living room television. They were able to play side by side and get some strike missions in. It was nice to have the den to myself lol.

Satyre281205d ago

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, thinking about the latency and lag. I am pretty damn happy to say that this really does work flawlessly, even playing online, competitive FPS and still cant really see much lag or latency, MS are magicians with software its kinda nuts, how these updates and new features just are flooding in.

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