It's Official: Rock Band Price/Date Screws Australians Over

Rock Band launched in the US last November, and earlier this year in Europe for an insane price. However EA looks set to take it one step further and slug Australia not only with a bigger delay, but also a complete price gouging on the game and the hardware to play it. Vooks has been sent the pricing for every configuration of Rock Band in Australia and for each console by an proven anonymous tipster, Direct from the distributor.

And you're not going to be happy.

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Mr_Showtime13703d ago

Id give up on gaming before i'd pay that price for one game

Baka-akaB3703d ago

there is no reason not to import rock band ... or hell just boycott it .

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Completely unfair to the Australian people.

r4nger3703d ago

its pretty similar to the european price hike. outrageous - and hopefully will be boycoted down under!

Redlight3703d ago

I imported the drums from the US and the game from the UK for a total cost of $200 AUS. I love the game, it's brilliant, but the retail price being suggested locally is a joke, especially when you consider that this is Rock Band One, complete with it's inferior and unreliable instruments.

If GH World Tour can release here and in Europe before the end of the year Rock Band is dead outside of the US.

The only outcome of that will be higher world-wide revenues for Guitar Hero, making GHWT more attractive as a destination for music publishers.

Harmonix are digging their own grave.

murt19873703d ago

but the price hike is even worse for you guys which is totally not fair. If I were you, I'd import the PAL version Im sure its cheaper.

I actually ended up paying the full amount for it in Ireland after I gave out like you guys at first but I gave in and I haven't looked back. I paid about 240euro(100 euro more than the US) for it and I couldn't care about the money anymore as its a great game, way better than GH3. Its an expensive hobby

If there is a consolation for the people who dont have enough money to buy the full package, you can still buy them separately unlike here :(

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