Are you ready for August 2015's brutal game releases?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Grab a fresh pair of panties, because some of August's new game releases are not for the faint-hearted. If fear isn't your thing then August has a few other surprises in store.

Here's your complete list for August 2015's game releases."

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SonZeRo1150d ago

Nothing really stands out as a "must have"

ArchangelMike1150d ago

Until Dawn? It'll be a good stop-gap before MGSV releases anyway.

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WellyUK1150d ago

Gears 3 and 2 were crap and 99% of competitive players from gear 1 stayed or went else where...

Personally think Gears will never be good again as the people who play it will ruin it using lancers and whoring active reloads with the longshots or B button bashing as people used to say to get kills. No thanks rather keep the memories instead.

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ShinMaster1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Nah, August is pretty much a dry month.

Things kick up starting on September 1.

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JeffGUNZ1150d ago

Really? Gears and Until Dawn look great.

DarkOcelet1150d ago

Until Dawn looks awesome. Hopefully the game is great.

Xavior_Reigns1150d ago

Yup, hopefully it's as they say - Heavy Rain meets horror. Still won't stop people from bashing it though.

WellyUK1150d ago

well the game just looks like a load of QTE's... So of course it's going to get bashed.

Xavior_Reigns1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

@ WellyUK

I understand where you're coming from, but if the QTEs are done properly and the story is engaging, I don't see the problem. Just my two cents from a fan of the genre.

Most who bash it will likely never play it, have no interest, fanboy, or just have narrow tastes.

uth111150d ago

Until Dawn and Gauntlet for me!

Sokol1150d ago

Until Dawn looks like a good title but it's MGSV that will steal the show.

morganfell1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Uhm, the article is about games releasing in AUGUST. Maybe you know some place that is officially releasing MGSV in AUGUST. If so, please do share the information.

Until Dawn looks like a great title for AUGUST as we head into latter summer.

theshredded1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Awesome month overall especially for indie games. I'm not 100% sure on Until Dawn, will have to wait for reviews. Hopefully it won't end up like The Order 1886

HanCilliers1150d ago

Amazing Indies in August, I really hope UD will be good.

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