Grand Theft Auto V - Iron Man Mod Coming Soon, Prototype Video Released

Talented modder JulioNB released a video, showing off a prototype version of his Iron Man mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

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crazychris41241205d ago

Sounds awesome, going to look into LSPDFR and other mods this weekend.

nowitzki20041205d ago

Have you used any mods? My favorite is vehicle cannon.

OhMyGandhi1205d ago

I bought this game for my 360 right when it came out. Bought it again for PC, and feel really let down. Don't get me wrong, playing at a silky smooth 60 FPS on a 144hz monitor on max settings FEELS good, but I was really hoping we'd get texture packs and better looking models, sort of like iCEnhancer and the like.

darkshad01205d ago

Had exactly the same thoughts when it came out for pc, still love it...but imagine how amazing it would look with an iCEnhancer and DNB on top. I am certain that Rockstar checked out the mods for GTA 4. They could have at least upped the textures a bit further. Here's to the mod community fixing all of this.

nowitzki20041205d ago

Im sure they are coming, some mods are not instant/easy to make.

Shinuz1205d ago

Wow! now that's the kind of mod that could make me buy the game again.

bluebenjamin1205d ago

Hopefully Rockstar don't patch the mod out