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he Need for Speed franchise has managed to stay fresh for almost 20 years now, with the most recent offerings in the series being—arguably—some of the best to date, and Ghost Games looks to surpass even them with the 2015 reboot of the franchise. Since NFS has been around for so long, there are people who—of course—like it for different reasons.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I really hope theirs a option to choose a transmission to play with in this game,
it'll be stupid not to and it's gonna have a huge customization system in it.
Hate to sound like a skip CD, but i like my manual!

SniperControl1206d ago

Got a feeling this is going to be just like rivals, no wheel support and only two cam views.

RevXM1206d ago

I like auto when playing with controller and manual with a wheel. I drive manual irl so thats why (Im used to it and love it), but it feels funny to me with a controller.

Stick shift master race!

StrayaKNT1206d ago

The way the cars drifted turned me off this game abit but I've always loved need for speed games so I'll definitely have to get this.

jv19911206d ago

You can change that stuff i think to your own wish? At least somthing like that i heard last time

BigBosss1206d ago

Yes, you can change that in options, there are various choices from cameras, so no need to panic :)

InMyOpinion1206d ago

It's been confirmed that you can turn off that effect.

StrayaKNT1206d ago

I didn't know that. Cool.

mogwaii1206d ago

So it didnt turn you off it at all then.

Izalith1206d ago

It reminds me of NFS Underground, back in good old days on PS2, GC and Xbox :)

Princess_Pilfer1206d ago

I doubt it somehow. I got so sick of their urban nonsense post underground. Having played since the original Hot Pursuit, Hot Pursuit 2010 was the closest NFS had come to being the NFS I wanted since Hot Pursuit 2, 2 generations ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.