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A full written review of the PC, PS4 and PS3 versions of GTA V. You may have heard its a bit good, MGL thinks so too.

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ape0071229d ago

phenomenal game especially on ps4, X1, PC

WellyUK1229d ago

pile of shite on all three IMO. Boring, terrible MP, broken servers (Still), Micro transactions, average story and 3 uninteresting main characters.

TheHaloGuy1229d ago

GTA V is a masterpiece with flaws. Saying it's the worst just shows how jaded you are.

objdadon1229d ago

Wellyuk you're not good at being a troll. I can't wait to see what gta 6 brings. The sales speak for themselves.

WellyUK1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I didn't say it was the worst. Rockstar make alright games but people just cant see that they are literally the same games but release every 4 years instead of 1... The MP on pretty much EVERY rockstar game is crap, the game has terrible gameplay when out of a vehicle. How can you people not see this, people bitch and moan at games like Bioshock Infinite and TLoU about gameplay being bad but GTA has truly shocking gameplay/shooting.
The story is also terrible along with the 3 main characters who are less interesting than a barn door...
The game also runs at 30 fps on Ps4 and Xbone i'm sorry but that's damn right pathetic considering it's not a great looking game... However it does run great on PC and actually looks good.

ape0071229d ago

"the game has terrible gameplay when out of a vehicle"

LOOOOOOL, gta v has some great shooting mechanics, detailed euphoria physics, awesome/satisfying headshots, great/detailed player animations, loads of weapons to chose from with upgradable parts and an FPS mode, the game has a sheen that u expect from games with waaay smaller scale

Brotard1229d ago

I'm guessing you played it on day one made your decision and then left?

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lemoncake1229d ago

One of few games that I randomly keep going back to every so often, great game.

l33t_haxx0r1229d ago

Good to see there up to date with reviews...

rosscoffx1229d ago

Lol, just catching up while it's quiet.we have staff now so be more on point latter half of the year :)

Dinkleberg1011229d ago

well deserved score. the game is phenomenal indeed.
@ WellyUK
if Grand theft auto 5 in your opinion is a pile of shit, thats like saying that every game that does not meet GTAs standard of "pile of shit" is unplayable and i disagree. the sale numbers says otherwise my friend

And I don't know what you mean by "Broken servers" the servers are good for me

the characters are interesting with unique backgrounds and the story is unique in my opinion for what i played.

its people like you who keep buying call of duty every year but when a hard worked on game you just have to bash it

the MP is grindy and is crap on pc, but its good on consoles because we can't modd it and doing missions with friends in consoles is fun

its s

WellyUK1229d ago

I haven't brought a cod since WaW... Also if your going of sales then you might as well believe cod is the best game ever made every year as sales cont mean anything.

The MP is absolutely terrible, terrible gameplay on foot and gun play mechanics just makes MP completely pointless. And the servers are broken how can you not say that the game still kicks large groups of players out of games and the load times... don't even get me started on the load times on the game.

"Interesting characters" lol really?

objdadon1228d ago

Who the hell bitches and moans about bioshock and tlou? Whoever those people are, they're obvious trolls. As for gta's gameplay outside of a vehicle, it's fun as hell which is the reason why it's still one of the top most played games several years later. I can't speak for if it was the same game as before as this is the first gta game that has kept me coming back.

DoctorFry1229d ago

Rockstar needs to give us some story DLC. For the past two years, they've shown nothing but love for GTA Online, but it's not for everyone.

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