Batman Arkham Knight on PC, Actual Disaster or an Exaggeration?

It has been a month since Batman: Arkham Knight was released and ever since the release day the game has been subjected to a lot of hatred from the PC community. This is mainly because the game was awfully polished and hardly worked properly even on high end PCs, these reports were so much that Warner Bros. were forced to suspend the sales of the game to make sure the game stays off the shelves till it’s completely fixed.

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TedCruzsTaint1204d ago

PC gamers don't see the "cinematic" appeal of 30 fps.
They sure as hell don't appreciate poor performance in general, nor the exclusion of features offered on inferior hardware.

Grap1204d ago

And to call this site techjeep lol, After this [email protected] article we should ban this site. let get this straight the game was broken from the start.
1- fps drops from 30 to 5 fps even before i unlocked the framerate on my gtx 970!!! .
2- memory leak which after couple hours the game quit it self.
3- even after you quit the game, the game still in the memory which takes about 5GB which is ludicrous to say the least.
4- texture is from pre-ps3 era on some area.
5- batmobile which is half the game is unplayable because of the stuttering.
and so on...
and all of that on UE3 which the most basic engine out there to port on.
who approved this article?.

S-T-F-U1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Been playing since launch and not experienced a single fps drop (noticeable) and not had a single crash. Ultimate graphics settings selected with all nvidia effects activated.

Windows 7 Ultimate
Zotac GTX 980TI (Reference)
16GB Mem (Corsair)
Intel i7 4790K (4.4Ghz)
Samsung 840 EVO (500gb)

I seem to be one of the only PC games that has not had any issues with this game.

OhMyGandhi1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

actual disaster.
It isn't any more of a fabrication than the president of Iran denying the existence of the Holocaust.

ninsigma1204d ago

I didn't actually play it because I refunded it before I even installed it but the fact that it was capped to 30 fps is a real indicator that there was a problem and one of the res ons why this shouldn't even be a question. Not to mention high res textures not loading!!

RedDeadLB1204d ago

Horrible stutters and freezes because of a huge memory leak. Uncap the framerate and you experience such furious fps drops that I believe the leaked Hitman Alpha actually runs better. Sometimes it's a solid 60fps, you turn the camera 2in to the right and BAM, 30fps or less, turn it 2cm more, BAM solid 60 again.. It's that bad. Shame, the game is amazing.

Ezz20131204d ago

The game is a complete disaster on PC.

I'm still waiting for the patch,Rocksteady.

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The story is too old to be commented.