PlayStation 4 And More

Forbes, home of the world's business leaders, talks PS4, X720 and Wii 2.

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-M4verick-3707d ago

Next generation is already right around the corner.

Isaac3707d ago

Those that still use DVD9

-M4verick-3707d ago

ok sorry. 3-4 years isn't that far away and if Microsft waits 4 more years...that would mean they didn't release another console for 7 YEARS after teh 360 launched making this the longest generation ever. No generation has lasted 7 years.

The next generation will be here in 3 years. 2011 would be 6 years after the 360 launched.

hazeblaze3707d ago

Actually it's not that close at all. I don't think we'll see a new console from any of the hardware makers in less than 3 years. And frankly, with the next wave of games I'm seeing on the PS3, the hardware still has so far it can be pushed! I think I'm more interested in seeing what games look like in the next 2 years than the next gen of consoles.

Still... I am interested to see where the next gen of consoles takes us. And what type of decisions the console makers will make based on this generation. I don't think that Sony will try to be at the bleeding edge of technology next gen... while I love the PS3, they did lose some competitive advantage by being so technologically advanced.


wii2 doesnt sound too far off.

next gen i expect microsoft to copy everything the ps3 is doing. imitation is microsofts key factor in development.

ps4 should should once again push the gaming industry to creating movie quality games, while pushing innovation... which leads to enhanced multimedia capabilities.

PimpHandHappy3707d ago

you wish it was because your getting bored with your 360!

If MS makes its 360 last 7 years i will buy the Xbox720! 3rd time has to be the charm right?!?!

All i know is they better start making themselfs some 1st party studios because they might have waited to long but if they start now the xbox720 might have more then just a couple shooters and racers to play!

lol MAV

you should really jump out and become a real gamer again! Buy a PS3 if you can afford it! You will never feel the need to defend MS again

Lifendz3707d ago

with my cousin who owns a 360 and was talking about getting a PS3. He asked if I'd be getting a 360 for Gears 2. I told him I'd like to pick up a 360 (RROD aside) but I have a feeling the next MS console is 1-2 years away. He told me no way but after I told him how 360 has been out since 05 and the lifecycle of the original Xbox, I think I convinced him.

So yeah, I see MS dropping that next console sooner. Then it'll be the same scenario as with the PS2. MS' machine will be more powerful but the PS3 will be known by devs, have a great install base, and consumers who trusted MS to stick with 360 will probably go Sony out of disgust. Well....consumers that aren't MS fanboys at least.

SL1M DADDY3707d ago

The PSone was on the market for 11 years. Sorry, but 7 years is not all that great considering that the PS2 is on it's 8th year at the moment and working on the reaching 9 years.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3707d ago

I hope the new systems are a hybrid of eachother that way all these fanboys and fangirls can spend their time talking about the great games instead of flaming and being a fanboy/girl

potenquatro3706d ago

i don't think MS or Nintendo will copy SONY at all. and after the succes of the 360 and wii, they won't be looking anywhere else but their own drawing board. the succes the ps3 is having makes me think that they'll use the Playstaion brand to push Sony's tech agenda again. i don't want the ps4 to have a format just for the sake of putting Sony's format in front of any other, and i don't want them to use a cpu nobody wants to work with just so they can test drive future tv tech and save a couple of bucks. i want Sony to really think about what they want to do in the gaming industry, and if it's not making the best posible console for gamers AND devs, they may not get my money next time around. same goes for MS if they try to pull a Sony with digital distribution.

BrotherNick3706d ago

I don't think it'd be too smart to copy the losing system. The only thing I can see being copied is Blu-ray, and slightly better graphics. If Sony stays the course it'll become a second computer with less functionality, but good exclusives.

ThanatosDMC3706d ago

It's called innovation.

Also, what success are you talking about??? M$ hasnt even reach their past xbox blah blah (cant think of the word right now). Just like a titration curve, M$ has started flatlining.

watashi hideo kojima3706d ago

i think next consoles should be interactive with old ones like ps3 makes ps4 stronger faster.something like that...but with ps3 on market now i dont even know i will ever change my console again.i will try to push it until i die...probably 60 years. besides i will be making games in industry as well...

yesah3706d ago

Ps2 is the longest running.

you can stop reaching into your As$, we've had enough.

Megatron083706d ago

seems all the sony fanboys dont even know that sony made ps3 yet. Sony better forget about the ps4 and figure out how to let are their less then bright fans know there is a ps3. Yes that right the ps2 came out in 2000 and the ps3 came out in 2006. I know sony fanboys cant count so I'll help you out that 6 years. So that gen least for only 6 years it doesnt matter if they still make the things cause it was 6 years between systems. If you figure 6 between them again that mean the ps4 be out in 2012. MS has already said they plan to release the next xbox in 2011 or 2012 thats 6-7 years. i dont think we'll ever see a "next gen" system from nintendo again.

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Expy3707d ago

"Official announcements on the successors of the current videogame consoles are expected soon. "

I call BS, whichever company does that first is basically conceding defeat this generation.

Bob Dole3707d ago

The Wii will not concede defeat. They will just make a newer version with HD graphics that rival both the other consoles AND has BC. *SWOOSH*

hazeblaze3707d ago

The Wii will NEVER have games that rival the graphics of its competitors. That's not the model for Nintendo this gen. I do think that they will be the first to introduce a next gen console though because the Wii will look dated long before the PS3 and 360 do.

Voiceofreason3707d ago

@haze he did say the next Wii meaning next gen. Not this gen. In your hurry to disagree you missed the whole point.

supahbad3707d ago

nintendo will take the inbetween route with their next console, to get back some of the fans they lost and keep the casuals they won over this gen

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Shadow Flare3707d ago

With the amount of things ps3 can do and with the untapped potential of the cell processor, i've always thought it would breach that 10 year life cycle. Unlike the ps2 and ps1, i reckon the ps3 will seem fresh for alot longer. Let alone it has a proper online system on it this time. I also wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft followed Nintendo's road more next generation, because that's where the money is. As for Nintendo, they could just get an empty bucket of lego, paint it white and sell it with Wii Sports 3, Wii Brain Training and Wii Brush Our Teeth 4 and people would still buy it.

hazeblaze3707d ago

Well the PS2 life cycle has been about 8 years so far. So it came pretty close to 10 yrs as well. When Sony says a 10 yr life cycle, they do not mean that they will wait 10 years to release a new console. They mean that they will continue support of the PS3 until about it's 10th yr... similar to what they're continuing to do with the PS2 now. They have a low end console and a high end system on the market at the same time... both performing well.

supahbad3707d ago

i agree sony will keep the ps3 running with the ps4, but i see the ps4 coming out a year and a half after the new xbox. i just wonder if the ps3 will be treated the same as the ps2, where it's like yeah there are still games coming out but i just don't care. now i think sony will make the ps4 like the wii and keep the ps3 for the core gamers. just a thought

bruiser813706d ago

HBlaza i agree with you 100%, the difference is though sony has never future packed any of their consoles the way they did the ps3. It seems to me their goal is to extend the life cycle of the systems starting with the ps3. As seen with the ps2 it is more profitable for them this way

Ju3706d ago

I can't imagine why they'd want to make a new console anytime soon (except Nintendo, they do). How much HD do you want (especially PS3)? Online, well, yeah, could be. But renting a movie doesn't need faster CPUs or graphics chips, it needs a faster internet (line).

The PS3 is far from maxed out. Is "movie level quality" the only argument ? Then I would suggest to wait as long as they can with the next generation, to really create this "wow" effect. Even if current tech, or tech in 3-4 years can run circles around the CELL/RSX, I still wouldn't buy such a beast if there is not a very clear distance to the current gen, I mean way better visuals then KZ2, R2, MGS4, Infamous etc. Most of what we don't even know, yet. Way bigger crowds in games, even more physics, etc. But in a factor 10-100 to current games, well, yeah, then maybe - and still 90% of gamers (non hard core) will not care at all. So, what's the point in investing another $B into another console ?

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Vip3r3707d ago

I doubt the next gen console will be announced anytime soon. Plus why would the next xbox be the 720? Wouldn't it be a 4xx instead?

PwnShop3707d ago

They should call it xbox vista

supahbad3707d ago

haha xbox vista, it would never stand a chance, even if it didn't melt it would run at 3fps and the online would suck

mistertwoturbo3707d ago

If there's any such thing as a PS4. Just give us 2 Cell Processors, 1.5GB of RAM, and an insane GPU.

jtucker783707d ago

Computing power per $ doubles every 18 months, so two cells in 3 years time would be terribly underpowered considering the cell came out in 2006 in the US and Japan.
(It's like the Wii only being x2 gamecubes. Technically the Wii probably should have come out in 2003)

Basically what I'm saying is that every 5 years consoles should be roughly 8 to 10 times more powerful than the one that proceeded it.
(Although Sony say PS3 is 20 times more powerful than the PS2, I'd definitely agree it is well over 10 times the power.)

Maybe a super cell and a cell based GPU ;-)

supahbad3707d ago

RAM will do it, if neither company increases the RAM next gen we are screwed imo

mistertwoturbo3706d ago

Yeah, well I'd say two Cell CPUs because right now the Cell itself is a paradox to a lot of developers. So factor in Two complete cell's, which is theoretically 2 main processing cores, and 12-14 SPEs. Which seems to be more than any developer could wish to utilize.