Playstation 4 Exclusive Until Dawn has Gone Gold: Supermassive Games

SegmentNext - Supermassive Games has announced that the upcoming survival-horror Playstation 4 exclusive, Until Dawn will face no more delays and has gone gold.

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Genuine-User1230d ago

Congratulations to Supermassive.

Army_of_Darkness1230d ago

This is super massive newz :-D

suckingeggs1230d ago

Love these typed of games.. Heavy rain is still one of my favourite games

And this game looks even more insane


XBLSkull1230d ago

Gonna have to do a little research on this game, don't really know anything about it but seems like people think highly of it. Didn't think it was going to be coming out any time soon, but here were are, gold.

Sevir1229d ago

@XBLSkull, check out the PSx 2014 stage demo... The crowds reaction to it all was pretty engaging. I'm not a horror fan but I'm definitely getting it. as it really reminds me of Heavy Rain.

XBLSkull1229d ago

Will do, thx for the recommendation

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Toiletsteak1230d ago

This game looks interesting, it's a shame i can't pick it up day one but i will get it a soon as i can.

kevnb1230d ago

I hope it turns out good.

KUV19771230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I believe when a gold goes gold, it should go to digital stores asap. It's ridiculous that disc buyers will have it days early again while digital buyers will pay more and wait longer. Having it earlier would be a nice way to mitigate the negatives that digital buyers have. Anyway, hoping it'll be great!

PSIN4MANT1230d ago

wait what? If you're talking about broken street dates, that isn't anyones fault except for the retailers that shouldn't be selling it.

KUV19771230d ago

I know that it's not the publishers fault, but everybody knows it happens all the time and the street dates are hardly ever enforced, except with real high profile titles. I just think that there is no reason that a game that went gold should not be put out for sale a few days earlier for digital buyers. I also think that a digital game should be a few percent cheaper than a disc, but we all know that won't hapen anytime soon, and in Germany all games (except those published by SONY) are actually 10 bucks more expensive in it's digital form. I am just saying 'give some incentives for digital buyers'. Maybe even just automatically release digital once a certain amount of players play from disc.

Clover9041230d ago

Selling digital versions of games early and at a discount would migrate a lot of gamers to buy digitally, but Sony would also enrage stores that sell their physical games. Piss them off enough, they may choose to stop carrying your games altogether. Digital sales are rising fast here in the states, but most sales still com from physical copies. Sony has said that stores that carry their games are partners, and that they can't/won't do anything to undercut them.

KUV19771230d ago

Nah, I understand that and I don't talk about publishing a game 3 weeks earlier or with 20% rebate. But I would appreciate it if it was at least the same price that the disc is and if I was able to play it at the same time that people who buy discs. So if SONYs valuable partners don't care about release-dates SONY should follow suit and release as soon as a certain amount of discs are in PS4s. I know that in the US the store prices are usually the same as the disc but in Germany the digital versions cost 10€ more. How can that be justified. Again, I know that SONY does not make the prices for other publishers but they should enforce some sort of fairness between digital and retail. As it stands digital has hardly any advantages. You play later, more expensive, can't lend, can't resell. I don't actually mind the latter two but constantly being days behind for more money is beginning to annoy me.

robtion1229d ago

I agree with you. Publishers need to get with the times, if a game is ready to release then release it. Street dates are antiquated.

TwoForce1230d ago

Nicely Done, SuperMassive Games.

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