"Sea of Thieves is the best game Rare has ever made" claims Kudo Tsunoda

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda has claimed that Sea of Thieves will be "the best game Rare has ever made". That's a bold statement considering Rare has made enough classics to put them in a collection and release Rare Replay later this year.

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SaveFerris1206d ago

It is best to let gamers decide if it will be or not, Kudo.

Aloy-Boyfriend1206d ago

It is best to play the game before saying that, Kudos.

LexHazard791206d ago

Im sure hes playing some of it in the office.

breakpad1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

from my perspective it would be a flop ...totally generic idea with no character at all (the inspiratiosn/copypaste from the korean Mmorpg Archage are obvious)...also is anyone who trusts Kudo Tsunoda validity ?? (aka the Kinect guy )

donthate1205d ago


Kinect was the single most innovative and impressive device last generation.

breakpad1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@donthate ..i doubt if have you have ever bought one for yrself...but in promotion you r good... keep commenting

falviousuk1205d ago

@Breakpad So you have played Sea of Thieves to make a statement like that

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VenomUK1205d ago

Since first playing Sid Meier's Pirates on the Amiga I have loved pirate games. AC IV was actually pretty great so I'm looking forward to this one which I have my fingers crossed will turn out to be something special.

But Kudo Tsunoda claiming it is 'the best game Rare has ever made' should be qualified by the detail that he is a Microsoft employee and such a claim has more validity from reviewers and gamers. I've no doubt it will be good but personally I still hold GoldenEye 64 and Diddy Kong Racing closest to my heart.

LordMaim1205d ago

@breakpad: Maybe wait to see the game before you call it a flop. I'd be happy to see another great pirate game out there, and this could be it.

Dasteru1205d ago


Yeah sure... Taking something already done by the PS2 and making it a bit more accurate is so innovative. /s

TedCruzsTaint1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Link me to your works, please.
I am actually in the business, and nothing shown so far would task me to calling this a flop.

There's little to go on, admittedly. But simply calling it "generic" doesn't account for anything.
And Kudo developed some excellent tech. It just never took off on the gaming front.
That doesn't make his opinion on games invalid.
Hell, he's a name in general. That's more than I can say for you.

Pogmathoin1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Brokepad, thats a generic troll comment.... I suppose you consider Uncharted generic then? And oh, PS eye toy can in no way be compared to Kinect..... Like comparing Wrights brothers plane to the Shuttle......

Kingthrash3601205d ago

I hate these kinds of articles.. great games speak for themselves... I'll continue watching but I will never assume this game is better than the already great games rare has made until I play it.
Also this is a rare game by name only these are a totally different set of guys than the rare we know. So if we gunna compare lets say yookalaylee to this..I'm honestly more excited about yookalaylee.

AngelicIceDiamond1205d ago

Rare had the Kinect shackles on them for years I'm sure Sea Of Thieves is taking all of their years of thrown away creative thinking and finally being made to good use, all in one game.

bouzebbal1205d ago

it's the last game, obviously!
next one will be even better. I challenge this guy if he played half Rare games. This is just BS PR.

inveni01205d ago

I'll need to get my hands on it to decide if this is true. I find it hard to believe that anyone can make riding in a boat intriguing for more than 3 minutes.

breakpad1205d ago

@ Pogmathoin ..for your surprise ..yes i consider Uncharted series generic too...i dont understand his over the top success or hype (except from the tech part which was exceptional for pS3)...but no matter what Uncharted is ..the Sea of Thieves looks to me a mediocre game

ABizzel11205d ago

Best game is up to the players and media to decide. Most ambitious game by Rare, I agree.

pivotplease1205d ago

@pogmathoin Doesn't detract from the initial argument that Kinect is fundamentally a rehash and as such is not innovative in any way.

Oh and logical fallacy for you. Comparing Kinect and Eyetoy in such a way is basically the same as comparing an Xbox 360 and GameCube and boasting about the tech difference despite there being an obvious generation discrepancy. Kinect did nothing more than eyetoy and that's why both have faded into obscurity (the PS4 camera playroom and the basically discontinued Kinect bundle). One just happened to come after the other and the latter was Xbox...banking on a pre-existing idea with the arbitrary (in this case) advancements and refinements provided by modern technology.

reallyNow1205d ago


Although I think the Kinect is cool, and MS should definitely support it more and in more unique ways, I disagree. The Move was far more accurate and useful for the games that were available to it. Killzone in 3D with the Move+gun controller was an amazing experience, like being transported to a battlefield with bullets flying overhead. If you played Tumble in 3D with the Move, you would have experienced the closest thing to interacting with a hologram on a console. 3D, 1to1 input meets 3D output. Golf with the Move controller is insanely accurate and intuitive. Kinect was pretty great too though, my kids especially liked the party-like game where the lava would come up out of the floor. Kinect's only flaw was accuracy. Both systems could have used more games supporting their devices.

fr0sty1205d ago

If Kudo wasn't such a douche, I'd believe it, as this game looks to be one of the most original games to ever release on an Xbox platform, but he is, so I'm still skeptical.

grumpygamr1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I only saw the E3 trailer so far. I guess I looked away cause the immediate impression I got was it didn't look that interesting. I will go see what I can find on this game cause clearly I was missing something I guess.
Anyway I hope Rare does well. They haven't been impressing many as of late.
I loved Kameo though. Very underated game I felt. Good luck Rare.

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Septic1206d ago

Yes but these are obviously Tsunoda's views.

Of course we gamers will decide but the fact that this is rare's MOST AMBITIOUS title ever is alone worthy of excitement.

Bigpappy1205d ago

Rare is weird, just like Nintendo. They are very imaginative. Cant wait to see how this pans out.

Mikefizzled1205d ago

To be fair Harrison had exceptionally high praise for Sea of Theives before we knew what it was when he left.

DragonKnight1205d ago

Donkey Kong Country 1-3 are the best games Rare has ever made, followed by the original Killer Instinct.

itBourne1205d ago

Well no shit it is their most ambitious game ever. So is every game coming compared to SNES games. They could smear shit into a case and ship it and it would be better then anything they have done in 10 years.

Lets be honest though, at this point, Rare is just a name. The culture and devs are all but gone from the golden era. It doesnt really have a significant meaning other then nostalgia.

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

"rare's MOST AMBITIOUS title ever" Agreed.

Will buy day 1.

grumpygamr1205d ago

Kudo has always been a hype guy. Nothing wrong with that. He knows more about the game then any of us but I wouldn't be surprised if he is more PR/Marketting mode then reality. I am sure there is a touch of truth. Just how much is the question.

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

@Grump- agreed. Its sorta his job to say its going to be a great game.

We know a PR dude that just states otherwise?

Ubisoft= "Put it this way, not saying Assassins Creed Unity will be a bad game, but look out for bugs bro"


It is Rares most ambitious title by far, regardless if it ends up good or not, they are attempting something they haven't really done before to this scale.

I read it was MMO-esk but nothing really confirmed as I've been reading around and MS nor Rare have really called it a MMO. The term "shared world" is what I've read. I really want to know what it could be based on it not being a full on MMO to me could be a good thing. I personally don't want it to be, sorta invite your friends to your world and do hunting things, I'm trying to not get too hype before finding out exactly what it is.

I also want some sweet cross platform play so I can play with XONE gamers while I'm on PC. They could do it.

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TheGreatGamer1206d ago

So he can't share his own opinion now?

SaveFerris1206d ago

He already has, as are we on this forum. Sea of Thieves looks fantastic and I hope it sells like gangbusters (which it will). Rare have so many classic games loved by millions, and this game deserves to join them.

kraenk121205d ago

@saveFerris the Rare of today has little to do with the Rare of the past though.

pivotplease1205d ago

I would love to see Rare return to its former glory. I wish them all the best with this IP.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

More hyperbole from Microsoft. Not a chance this will be the best game rare have ever made.

They made too many classics when they were with Nintendo.

I wish microsoft would stop all of this PR fake crap.

gamertk4211205d ago

Well if this is true, no developer should even try to make the best game ever. They should just be in it for the paycheck, as it is an exercise in futility...

Direwolf4841205d ago

Will it be the best game Rare has ever made? Tough to say but the fact is it is a return to form for Rare and is their most ambitious title yet. I know it would be very heartbreaking for you if this turns out to be a fantastic game though.

TwoForce1205d ago

Jesus Chirst ! Dude, I'm Playstation Fans. But You're hating Microsoft so much, that's not gonna help you, man. At least, give Microsoft a respect, will ya ?

falviousuk1205d ago

Why can't it be the best game they have ever made, is it because they have made a lot of good games from the Spectrum days and up, are they not able to continue making good games, or are you just full of Bull.

Im going to go with the latter.

Sea of thieves does look good, hoping to see more at gamescom

MCTJim1205d ago

and most of us wish you would refrain commenting on articles you have no interest in other than to hate on anything Microsoft.

1205d ago
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Godmars2901205d ago

Think he's more interested in sales than gamers opinions, which is why he's presenting his own.

raymantalk11205d ago

he works for MS so he is going to say it is there best game ever especially since it is only on xbox1 also rare has'nt done anything for a long time so it may well be there best game.

-Foxtrot1205d ago

Looks alright but I think most of us got our Pirate fix when it was never done before or as much when Black Flags came out

It would have been better if they did a new platformer game or a sequel to Conker/Banjo instead

Godmars2901205d ago

There can never be enough pirate games, mostly because there aren't.

Much in the way there aren't enough ninja games. Not since Tenchu anyway.

gixer1205d ago

Loved AC Black Flag but thought the multiplayer sucked balls. I was hoping for a nice big open world multiplayer with ship battles, teaming up and hunting other players etc but got nothing close to that. Sea of thieves looks more like what I was hoping for with what looks like multi player ship crews, each with a task to perform and working together to take out other multi player pirate crews

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

"It would have been better if they did a new platformer game or a sequel to Conker/Banjo instead"

No....god no.

I'd rather they do what they are doing with Sea Of Thieves, those days are over, lots of that staff is gone and has been gone for years now and not point to force it.

They've tried before and it was bad, let new Rare, do new Rare things.

-Foxtrot1205d ago


"let new Rare, do new Rare things"

Despite the fact new Rare was the ones who did Banjo Nuts and Bolts....a game which you are talking about when you said "they've tried it before"

So how can you let them do this and not want them to do Conker/Banjo/Perfect Dark/Kameo sequels

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

@Fox- "new Rare was the ones who did Banjo Nuts and Bolts....a game which you are talking about when you said "they've tried it before"

So how can you let them do this and not want them to do Conker/Banjo/Perfect Dark/Kameo sequels"


Because they tried it "before" and that game was horrible, I'd rather see them do NEW STUFF, this isn't some platformer or kart game, its something completely new, thus...I'd like to see them do this vs keep trying with platformers and fail.

Those days are over, that staff is gone.

Sooo how can I ask them to do this and not "Nuts and Bolts"? Well clearly that didn't set the world on fire, I'd rather see them do new stuff. I never said they should just do nothing EVER lol, merely that they need not worry about creating platformers like the old Rare as many of those key staff are not even at Rare.

RiseofScorpio1205d ago

You don't know anything about Rare or who's working there currently so stop acting like you do.

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generic-user-name1205d ago

I'll wait for someone who isn't an MS employee to say something like this before I believe it.

He may just be talking about today's Rare who are not really the same as the past Rare, in which case, it wouldn't be too hard for the above claim to be true.

DragoonsScaleLegends1205d ago

The Donkey Kong Country games will always be their best.

Timesplitter141205d ago

That's a bold statement but I have to admit it does look like a good game

jb2271205d ago

Between this game being the best rare has ever made & Scalebound being "the game of all time", MS sure knows a thing or two about hyperbole. If those games don't release to universal acclaim, someone has some explaining to do...

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StrayaKNT1206d ago

My most anticipated 2016 titles. The trailer absolutely blew me away. Most beautiful water animation I have ever seen. I have always wanted an open world pirate game and it's finally here :)

Septic1206d ago

Yeah this game could be incredible. The game's visuals looked fantastic and I really wanna know how the MMO elements/combat will work.

christocolus1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )


The music, art style and general tone of the game screams Rare. I was thoroughly impressed. They've always had great water animation. Kinect sports rivals, star fox adventures on gamecube and even Kameo on xbx 360 all had awesome water effects but this is certainly the best I've ever seen. I'm so happy Rare is back. they are back to doing what they do best.There's a rumor that they are working on some other new ip. 2016 will be amazing. I wish Craig and the team all the best.

FoxyGotGame1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@Christoculos & Septic

I'm a big fan of Rare, and I agree the game looks beautiful and intriguing.

On a side note, I actually thought Gamer's frequented this site. But since I joined, I have found nothing more than a mob of extremist tribe minded individuals who seek nothing more than to smear any game they can with SH#T simply because it is not on their preferred system.

If I had to Quantify, 90% of the users (PS/Xbox/Nin/PC) on this site are not worth the Salt they sweat. Rant Over /

scark921205d ago

Was it not CGI?, otherwise then I agree!

falviousuk1205d ago

No it wasn't, if you watched the video you can see characters running about.

ITs a cartoon stayed game.

slate911205d ago

I think when you watch the trailer it says in the beginning that it is all actual gameplay footage

christocolus1205d ago


It was all running in game. It says so at the beginning of the trailer. Its sad we won't be seeing more of this game at gamescom but at least we got this.. :)

frostypants1205d ago

It does look kinda cool, though we've only seen carefully choreographed gameplay in a trailer. Makes me wonder though...given how popular pirates have become in pop culture in recent years, why haven't there been more games like this?

LoveSpuds1205d ago

Yup, this was one of the titles that led to me buying a XB1. This game looked dazzling at E3 and was the stand out title for me at MS's conference.

MS have definately reached a tipping point where even if you are only interested in exclusives, there is plenty to enjoy and look forward on XB1.

kstuffs1205d ago

The lighting and shadows are pretty amazing. It's shadows everywhere, makes sense, and looks realistic.

Davi1231205d ago

«The trailer absolutely blew me away. Most beautiful water animation I have ever seen.» Are you fu*#!ng kidding?!? You started now playing games?

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JeffGUNZ1206d ago

This game looks awesome. I love pirates and was obsessed with Assassins Creed Black Flag, so an open world pirate game is right up my alley.

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lelo2play1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Game looks nice but unfortunately I'm not so fond of MMO's.

mhunterjr1206d ago

It's not an MMO... More like a Destiny style shared-world...