No Man’s Sky: 5 open world errors to avoid

Can Hello Games dodge these pitfalls and pull off this ambitious epic?

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SaveFerris1204d ago

I know the goal is to reach the centre of the galaxy, but I wonder would happen if a player decides to travel in the opposite direction? Will they hit an invisible wall and be 'guided' back or can they continue on?

xixdubyxix1204d ago

According to Sean Murray, you'll just fly into empty space forever.

medman1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I'm going to lose my sanity to this game....I'm a bit of a completionist for games I enjoy, and "completing" this game and seeing everything is an impossibility. I can see myself finding a very beautiful world inhabited by mermaid like creatures and staying forever......

The_BlackHeart__1203d ago

That's actually quite a deep question. What Lies Beyond the Edge of the Observable Universe?

What if what matters is not reaching the center but breaking out of it?

DeletedAcc1198d ago

wasnt the goal to reach the centre of the universe? i mean... doesnt it have other galaxies? well.. when i think about it.. too big for other billions of stars and the distance between one galaxy and other galaxies would be too big for a videogame even by travelling with lightyears

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TWB1204d ago

If you play "offline" (as in, dont own a PS+ membership and cant play against/with other players), can you still upload the planet/animal/plant names and information if you have a internet connection?

Would suck if some folks couldnt name their own planets just because they dont have PS+.

cyber_daemonx1204d ago

@TWB, you probably will. Much like you'd need xbl gold to do as much on xbone.

TWB1204d ago

That would suck.

Its essentially just sending a message to the server with the name and rest of the info. You can still download patched, upload crash reports and send messages to your friends or even see some news feed (as far as I remember) in some games even if you dont own PS+

What the game basicly does is collecting a database of names and basic info to the server, its HARDLY an interactive multiplayer experience and paying for online subscription just so you can let people know "I found this planet first!" and possibly never see another player sounds very unnecesary.

mkis0071204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

The game is much too big to be worrying about running into another player...its something that probably will never happen to most people.