90′s Classic Constructor Returns in HD for PS4, Xbox One & PC, First Screens

,System 3 have announced that 18 years after its original release, that the original team behind everyone’s favourite crooked building tycoon sim Constructor, have got the band back together so to speak and are currently working on a remake of the classic game for Playstation 4 Xbox One and PC.

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CursedHero1205d ago

Thank cathulu! This is pretty badass!

NobleRed1205d ago

Can't wait. I always wanted to play this game bock on the ps one. Now I can play it on my ps4.

Unlimax1205d ago

Oh my god !!! YES YES .. I'm huge huge fan of the original game and i loved it a lot :D

ault011205d ago

I never played it before but just at from reading it a little sounds like I will love it. I just hope Theme Hospital gets a remake. Too much of my life was on that game