The Witcher 3 1.08 Full Patch Notes Coming Soon, CDPR Community Lead Teases

The Witcher 3 1.08 patch notes are apparently going to be revealed soon as the CDPR community lead has asked fans on Twitter if they would like to check them out.

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Forn1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Hopefully they include fixing framerate issues brought on by patch 1.07

thekhurg1207d ago

Yes please. PS4 users have been suffering from that 20fps bug since launch. It really needs to be addressed.

Lord-Nicon1207d ago

Fix the framerate on Xbox One, it was running flawless before the 1.07 patch..

poppinslops1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Yeah, how did they not notice that?

Now you can't pan the camera while trotting on the horse without it getting all jerky, yet you can do it while galloping and it's fine... what the hell?!

And where's Geralt's slow walk gone?
Now he just powerwalks about the place.

Don't get me wrong - it's still the best game ever, but CDPR ought to think about taking some time to properly test these patches... I got 1.07 just before I finished the story, so it worked out nicely for me, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who're deep into the game and hating the wait for 1.08.

I suggest they read the novels while they wait... I read six of 'em in a fortnight - they're that frikkin' good.

Nirvaniac1207d ago

Fix the "Fools Gold" quest on xbox one. Friggin broken cant do anything with the pigs.