Zombi reanimates as Ubisoft target the new gen consoles with new screenshots

Neil writes "It seems like an age ago that ZombiU was releasing as a flagship Wii U title, but in the videogame world, 2012 was a lifetime ago. About time Ubisoft got their act together and hit us with a new Zombi title and screenshots then eh?"

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ArchangelMike1207d ago

Is it "remastered" for next gen consoles or is it just a straight port?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1207d ago

straight port with slight update in graphic and performance
with multiplayer and gamepad features removed.

But it has more melee weapons. (The weapons Ubisoft removed from the Wii U version)

Kalebninja1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

1. they arent next gen consoles they've been out for almost two years its current gen. 2. even if the wii u isnt as powerful its still a current gen as well, because "gen" was never defined by how powerful the consoles were.

mogwaii1207d ago

Blah blah blah, where in that article did they say "next gen"? NEW gen! Read before you blert.

Kalebninja1207d ago

@MOG what? I'm not responding to the article im responding to archangel.

ArchangelMike1207d ago

Soo... erm... yah... but you did'nt answer the question tho! I assume you understood the question?

At the time ZombiU was released there were no "next-gen" consoles - and by that I mean the PS4 and XBoxOne. The point which you seem to have missed is - will it be a remaster or not?!

Finch1207d ago

I was all on board on getting it until I saw the multiplayer is removed. Oh well maybe Zombi 2!

Kalebninja1207d ago

I dont think you understand what i typed. The wii u is part of this generation regardless of its power in comparison. about the remaster part it would be called a remaster if it were released before this gen however it wasnt so they just removed the U from the title instead. there is new content though, the game was already 1080p on wii u so it may just get bumped from 30fps to 60fps.

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5yb5n6u1207d ago

well, technically, wii u is the same generation as ones and 4s

Perjoss1207d ago

Only in terms of launch date. In regards to its performance its comparable to an xbox 360.

Kalebninja1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

the generation never referred to the performance of a console it referred to the current big consoles out on the market. that's why wii was in the same gen as ps3/xbox360 and absolutely dominated in sales. the wii u may not have sold really well or have had power on par with the others but it did something different like the wii did.

jronj1207d ago

This was a really intense game. It made great use of the Wii U gamepad.

opoikl1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Agreed. I actually liked the fogginess of the visuals and wonder if making the image a little crisper for PS4 and X1 will take away a bit of that humid, moody English atmosphere they got going on the WiiU. It made it that more difficult to spot a zombie that was creeping up on you, which I loved.