Team 17 announce Worms WMD and Worms 4 with screenshots

Neil writes "Birthdays and anniversaries need celebrating...what better way for Team 17 to celebrate a couple of milestones than by announcing a couple of new games. Get ready for more Worms action with Worms WMD and Worms 4!"

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SunnyZ1148d ago

Awh sweet! I love worms!

The game kind, not the itchy butt kind...

Caffo011148d ago

xbone and pc? what about ps4? is it because it's exclusive or because it's an article from thexboxhub?

lemoncake1148d ago

They didn't mention ps4, just gave Xbox and pc release date.

CaptainSellers1147d ago

I'm sure they will make their way over, Team17 often release their games and DLC on other platforms first, don't know why though.

oKidUKo1147d ago

Looks like so far it's just X1 and PC

CaptainSellers1147d ago

'Being unveiled at Gamescom 2105'

Well guess we won't be playing this game for a while.

Kurisu1147d ago


Gamescom 2105...imagine the technology.

NobleRed1147d ago

No ps4 version? Epic fail.