€200,000 Cash Prizes in the World of WarCraft TCG World Championship 2008

World of WarCraft is a huge game, with millions of subscribers that pay to play the game every month. In addition to that, many also buy the WoW Trading Card Game, to play, or to just get in-game "Loot" cards. The TCG maker, Upper Deck Entertainment, just announced their plans for the World Championship 2008, which is to be held in Paris (taking a hint from Blizzard?) and will hold prizes of insane measurements, regardless of standard.

Winners will get significantly more than Tournament Winners of Blizzard's WWI competitions during their WWI event in June. Besides the cash prizes, there will be other things included, such as laptops, PS3s, iPods and more. Players up to 94th place will get iPods as well as other good prizes. All participants will also receive a "goodie bag" with special items, and it seems none will leave the event needing.

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thetamer3671d ago

Really, WoW!!!! I can't believe there is that much money for just first to fourth place. I think I might take up card trading just for the sake of winning! Where do I start?

Leord3671d ago

Yeah, that amount for a "mere" fourth place is insane. And with €200,000 in prizes, the 5th and down probably gets something as well!

Talk about getting paid just to show up!

Wuushu3671d ago

I'd pay 200,000 for that rocket mount, that's for sure. :P

Leord3671d ago

Lol, I wouldn't go that far =P

People are paying hundreds of dollars for it though, on eBay.

syrinx3671d ago

That seems an insane level of prizes to give out, is it usually that much or is this a big push? Wonder how much press this will generate for them.

Leord3671d ago

I'd imagine it might actually generate quite a bit of press. Must be the highest prices ever given for TCGs!