Capcom provides further update on potential Resident Evil 2 remake - and it's good news

PSU writes: Fresh from yesterday's news that Capcom had opened the floor to fans with regards to how the Japanese developing behemoth could potentially remake the much-loved second entry in the Resident Evil series, it has once again reached out to fans to issue an update on the situation.

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ShugaCane1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

This. Resident Evil 2 is one of the best survival game ever.

As much as I would love a HD remaster of the game, the way they did with Resident Evil (with old school Resi gameplay and camera angles), I think a complete HD remake with camera over the shoulder could be utterly amazing if they do it well.

I rememeber that demo of what Resident Evil 4 could have been :

Back then, it terrified me. And the idea of playing the full game terrified me even more.

Going through the story of Resident Evil 2 with that kind of gameplay and atmosphere (creepy and full of tension) would be incredible.

Resident Evil 6 was garbage as a whole, but the Leon's campaign had some rather interesting moments in terms of atmosphere. The parallel between Tall Oaks and Raccoon City a bit too obvious, but it was still good and had me nostalgic of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

That said, I really do hope we'll get to see more of Resident Evil 2, whether as a HD remaster or a whole remake.

gantarat1230d ago

Remake* because its very hard to do HD remaster from ps 1 graphics.

ShugaCane1230d ago


Yeah, well, what I meant was that they can either keep the same game with just enchanced graphics (like the Resident Evil remake on GameCube), or make a completely new game with new gameplay, etc..

gantarat1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

keep the same game with just enchanced graphics(build from ground up) would less cost than completely new game with new gameplay (They has a lot model from darkside chronicle and i don't think capcom want spent too much money)

babadivad1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It's a GREAT game. I've personally beaten it at least 10 times. But now I cannot look at that game without being reminded that it's the game that introduced us to the Toolbox Leon Kennedy that Capcom keeps stuffing down our throats.

bouzebbal1230d ago

i would buy this right away, just remake it like the Gamecube versions.

LightofDarkness1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

This remake craze is becoming irksome. I've thought about the upcoming FFVII remake a lot as well, and while on the surface it sound like great news, I don't think people have truly imagined how it will be. It won't be the same game, for one. Capcom/SE will never just give a HD facelift and call it a day, not in this day and age. It simply can't retain the classic RE control/camera angle system, which is part of what made the old games both terrible and great. The biggest complaint with the RE:make HD was the controls, and you better believe Capcom were listening. They still think people want action RE, a la RE4/5/6.

Furthermore, there will be no real surprises. You already know every facet of the story by now. I won't be shocked or awed watching the same story again but retold in a way that isn't like I remember. This will likely create a sort of cognitive dissonance in many too, as their nostalgia is quickly eroded by unrecognizable scenes parroting a cherished memory.

I suppose the point is that it won't be like playing it all again for the first time. It may lose a lot of its original charm and the current crop of developers at the helm may indeed insult one of your most cherished works of art in the name of modernization, or simply not go far enough and make the whole thing a pointless exercise. SE have yet to create a remake that was worthy. Capcom remade Resident Evil very well, but that was because that was made by golden era Capcom. Modern era Capcom do not have the same pedigree and haven't made a new release worth mentioning, particularly RE related, since RE4 (first Revelations MAYBE). Think about that before you ask them to recreate RE2 and dance all over that legacy in the most direct manner yet.

Plus, let's not turn videogames into modern Hollywood, where it's just remake after remake after remake, milk, milk, milk. Let's at least not ASK for it directly.

gantarat1230d ago

"They still think people want action RE, a la RE4/5/6."
- 2 be fair RE 5 and 6 become first and second capcom best selling game.

About RE 2 Make gameplay i don't think they make like RE 4/5/6.

babadivad1229d ago

I MUST be in the minority but i absolutely LOVED RE6. And it had local co-op on PC* the platform I played it on*.

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