Hideo Kojima Details Metal Gear Solid V's Mother Base Video; Shows Picture with New Arm for Snake

Todai Hideo Kojima teased a new video he’s preparing to showcase the features of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, focusing on the Mother Base. Today he explained what the video will show, also showing a picture with a nice new arm for snake.


Updated with a new picture of Mother Base.

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TheLordOfStuff1234d ago


just_looken1234d ago

That mother base screen shot alone is something to be hold all that detail its like a city. To think we create that city.

medman1234d ago

You're quite vain. Vein. Vain.

Anghellic1234d ago

Just 1 more month, hang in there guys!!

IIFloodyII1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Isn't WISP a weapon from Zone of The Enders?

*Edit it was, pretty cooll weapon too, it allows you to grab stuff from a distance, by shooting 3 little bits, which latch on to your enemy, and pulls them to you.

Meltic1234d ago

With big boss / snake not talking this will prob be the wierdest but allso the best MGS in the history. I really hope we will get Epic cutscenes just like all the other MGS. If not well then this is not a MGS to me.

Fil1011234d ago

I agree this wouldn't b mgs without epic cut scenes, im gonna put my neck on the line and say it will because in my opinion mg has the richest story in any video game to date. Its what makes mg and alway has.

Gatsu1234d ago

So f*cking epic, just 1 month left ^_^.