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Godzilla has awakened and is ready to stomp his way onto the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 this summer. Causing mass destruction and total annihilation, you are in control of the most famous and destructive kaiju in entertainment history.

Feel the incredible strength and destructive power of Godzilla as you battle in one of the 5 gameplay modes and lay waste to cities, and power-up your monster with G-Energy.

Does Godzilla have what it takes to be this summer’s smash hit game?

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Rimeskeem1206d ago

Highest score i've seen for the game so far.

UKmilitia1206d ago

Does Godzilla have what it takes to be this summer’s smash hit game? rofl wtf??

unless the game has totally changed since i last seen it this will be worse game this year imo.
cant believe they even thought it was worthy to release.

looks like a ps2 game

4Scarrs_Gaming1205d ago

At first I did not like the game very much at all, however it started to grow on me as I played it more and more. The controls take a bit to get a hang of, but after 30 or so minutes they feel comfortable. Its a solid Godzilla title.

4Scarrs_Gaming1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

its a decent game once you get into it. Its far from perfect, its best played in short sessions. About 20-30 minutes and after that it starts to feel repetitive.