More real PS3 homebrew: SameGame PS3

Heres a new slice of Homebrew for the PS3 from Drakon:


Here is another game made with BD-J It's a small port of my old game made for j2me and PSP."

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Bordel_19003588d ago

How do you start the games, or what do I do to play homebrew PS3 BD games?

Darksaviour693588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Just extract the and put the AVCHD folder and everything in it on USB pen drive root directory.

then place USB pen drive on ps3, go to video and run the AVCHD folder.

and the game should run.

VsAssassin3588d ago

So what kind of game will this be? I'm still in the office so I can't tell. Java games?

Darksaviour693588d ago

J2ME = Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

Lumbo3588d ago

Imho the title is misleading. It is not PS3 'homebrew' its just BDJ games. They run on the PS3, true, but also on any brand BRD Player supporting BDJ.

[email protected]3588d ago

o.O Java huh? I want RPG U HEARD Me

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