PSP Touchscreen?

Jube808 has posted a video on the net showing the PSP With a Touchscreen, here's the video, judge for yourself.

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SpecialSauce3643d ago

but whoever made that should actually integrate it into the PSP. for all i know it cold just be a small touch screen sitting on top of a PSP screen with a stupid little program running on it.

Darksaviour693643d ago

the touch screen is sitting on top of a PSP screen, in the video

SpecialSauce3643d ago

but it doesn't do anything!!!!

Darksaviour693643d ago

err yes it does, the original screen under is responding to the input (touch) correctly.

you do know its a tech demo.

RealityCheck3643d ago

I have nothing against an optional touchscreen for casual\puzzle games. However for real games any new iteration MUST HAVE a second thumbstick or analog control. Anything less will be a failure in my opinion.

SpecialSauce3643d ago

they should shrink the right buttons and add one.

Fernando Rocker3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Aparently you dont have experience with how FPS works with a touchscreen, specially on the DS.

The lower DS touchscreen acst like a mini-mouse, and the d-pad acts like the AWSD keyboad keys. The left trigger is for shooting.

All the action is happening in the upper screen.

So, you aim with the stylus and move wth the d-pad, just like a keyboard and mouse. Much faster and accurate than double analogs.

Try Dementium, Metroid Prime Hunters, Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty... or coming soon Core, Moon, Duke Nukem DS, etc.

Check the video and you can see how FPS works with a stylus... is the closest to a K & M.

Chubear3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

A second analog stick may sound good but it'd be uncomfortable as hell and would make you hands ache after 15mins of using the thing. Touch screen was the next obvious inclusion to the system but it's obviously also an added option instead of a replacement to analog and D-buttons.

Nicely said 1.2

joeymp3643d ago

See the touchscreen would be great, especially for navigating through the XMB. But you still need a second analog stick for FPS's because while it may work on the DS, the PSP only has 1 screen, and therefore your finger would always be in the way.

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Shankle3643d ago

Is he on a train or something? What a strange place to record such a video.

frostquake3643d ago

We don't need Touch on PSP, Or maybe it would bring DS owners over to the PSP?

Baka-akaB3643d ago

it would ensure DS/ds2 titles to be multiplatform and coming to psp too . there is like a handful of titles using the two screens , the only thing really needed would be the touch .

TheMART3643d ago


I want buttons to smash on, with force and not holding back because I have to take care about the screen.

Thats why also the iPhone in my opinion will never be a threath to the PSP.

ParadoxicalAssassin3643d ago

maybe with this we could have a ds emulator to play ds games

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