To 4K Or Not 4K? The Pros & Cons Of Ultra-HD Gaming

Jeremy Laird "With Laird Towers currently undergoing major renovations, RPS’s hardware coverage has been forced to retreat to the vaults. But that hasn’t stopped me. No, I’ve battled through the dust, the rubble, the builders lumbering about the place at ungodly hours of the morning (I regard consciousness before 9:30am as rather uncivilised) and the relentless tea-making to bring you some reflections on 4K gaming. We’ve covered several interesting alternatives to 4K of late including curved super-wide monitors, high refresh rates, IPS panels and frame synced screens. So does that experience put a new spin on plain old 4K, aka gaming at a resolution of 3,840×2160?"

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Erik73571232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

It's just not worth it yet but maybe in 2 years we will have gpus that can do 4k at around $300 dollars.......

Until the monitors become affordable (500 and under) and when the gpus that can run games at 4k around normalish settings (300 or under) will be when it will happen.

At the moment you can actually get a 4k monitor for around 500...but it's not good quality and is less than 25 inches......which I would want one around 28-32 inches atleast.

FarEastOrient1231d ago

Not worth it yet when the source material is still limited. 4K Movies and TV shows are limited in number. For gaming there is a difference when a title has textures for 4K instead of upscaled versions of textures coming from 1080 or lower.

airshiraz1231d ago

believe me even games with 4k textures are not good i played 4k native games like hitman absolution gta 5 wathdogs assassins 4 and they were terrible .

AndrewLB1231d ago

PC gaming with native 4k textures? Coming right up!

Or would you like 8k native textures?

"how about developers first master 1080p before we start talking about higher resolution content."

The first PC game to support full 1080p was released in 1996. The original Quake.

1080p became widespread around 2002-2003 for PC. Here is a graphics card review from 2003 where many of the games used for benchmarking are running at 1920x1200.

donthate1230d ago

Gears of War:UE is being remastered for PC to have 4k+ textures.

The TV industries need to push another format to move their latest TV models is going to push 4k. We are no longer tethered to a disc format so upgrading the streams will be easier.

I reckon with MS latest push into PC gaming for realz, DirectX 12, Windows 10 focus on gaming, the TV push and VR it seems PC gamers are in for some serious treats.

I'm joining in end of this year, or early next year in anticipation for Oculus Rift!

FinalFantasyFanatic1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Fries1223, I actually expect middle to end of next year to have GPUs available that can easily handle 4k because we're jumping from 28nm to 16/14nm. 4k has been around for a while but we haven't had much media available for it or any GPUs capable of reliably driving 4k.

Prices may be a different matter altogether though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I think the monitor argument is actually kinda bullshit. I know for a fact a bunch of people here dropped $2000+ on HDtvs. $800-900 for a good 4k ips monitor isn't all that much in comparison. That said jumping from 1080p to 4k might be a bit too extreme. 1440p is the sweet spot right now IMO, and it's fantastic.

jmc88881230d ago

Not really. You're not far off, but at the same time...are.

If you want 4k/60 the HDTV's are already there for 500-600. If you can handle 4k/30-37, you've been able to get a 39" for $289-339 for over the past YEAR. (and it does the following (2160p/37, 1980/43, 1800/52,1620/64, 1440/80, 1260/100, 1080/136...and the lower you go the higher the framerate)

Now, is it perfect or have the most accurate color, no...but its still quite nice.

Meanwhile from the power side it all depends on what game you are playing and what you are asking it to do.

Older games can easily be played at 4k by say the GTX 970 which has been at or near $329 since last September. Will that run the newer games at ultra settings at 60 FPS? Nope. But it can do some stuff really well.

Now, if you want to wait, then you should be rewarded quite nicely as prices will continue to drop on the better 60hz 4kTV's, and the GPU's should see a massive increase in power with the double node shrink from 28nm down to 16/14nm and HBM 2.0, along with OTHER advancements as well.

So there are options, they are quite nice even if not perfect, and they aren't that expensive. I decided to jump in last year and have enjoyed it, and can now wait at my pleasure for the next step. At least that's how I see it.

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GoPanthers9991231d ago

My thoughts are upgrade to 4K when the next round of game consoles/PC's are released. Very little 4K media right now. I have a nice 3D 55" LG and the only media I get to play in 3D is a few Blu-Rays that I have bought and a couple of Xbox 360 games.

PC_601231d ago

This is about gaming in 4K which essentially any game runs at because it runs at your monitors native resolution so...

airshiraz1231d ago

i have a 55 inch samsung 4k tv and i played a lot of games on 4k and almost all of those were terrible more because textures are not made for 4k and when u play on 4k textures become upscaled and so blurry and those games look really bad in 4k .but some games have 4k textures like hitman absolution or assassins 4 and they are better but i still prefer 1080 with downsampling and it looks better and more natural so forget 4k for gaming guys

slappy5081231d ago

Dude you clearly do not have a 4k display. Even previous gen games like Bioshock, Tb Raider and Arkham City looks amazing. Texture s look blurry? Lol 4k makes everything looks crisper. Keep smoking that sh!7 bra!

airshiraz1231d ago

tomb raider bioshock witcher 3 asasin uni and dying light and... all look terrible on 4k.textures become blurry as hell. and developers wont bother themselves to use 4k textures for this gen so dont buy 4ktv for games guys
1080 is not better than 4k but 1080 with downsapling is much better than 4k for gaming

ChrisW1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


*From what I have read online*

The problem is that it's, first and foremost, a TV. If your intention was to play PC games on a 4K TV, then you should have done a lot of research to see which ones are recommended. You'll be surprised to find that there are some very expensive ones that are NOT recommended.

Grap1231d ago

what are you smoking? i want to stay away from it.

airshiraz1230d ago

just play tomb raider on 4k and then u will see for ur self how terrible it is

TXIDarkAvenger1231d ago

Waiting until the price drops. But honestly 1080p is good enough for me.

formanbradley1231d ago

Unless your screen is larger than 55 inches, there is absolutely nothing wrong with 1080p. morons out there think that playing games with decent graphics in 4k somehow makes it better... haha no.

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