EA Talks Visceral’s New Star Wars Game, “Extremely Strong” Star Wars: Battlefront Pre-orders & More

During the quarterly Electronic Arts earnings conference call, CEO Andrew Wilson and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen provided more information about the publisher’s upcoming Star Wars titles.

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"Wilson explained that Electronic Arts “feels really good” about the Star Wars: Battlefront at the moment: it’s made by a “tried and true team” and Frostbite is also a mature engine for this generation of platforms. They feel like they have put in place all the things they need to deliver a great product."

Um i am to assume this was a joke? the engine has never shown the full power of current rigs and the star wars demo never stayed in the 50fps range during action.

The team? you mean the ones that created bf4? yeah...

star wars fps test:

"According to Wilson, the title is “very playable,” the quality is “high” and the feedback from the players has been very positive. We also learn that the game had extremely strong pre-orders coming out of E3, and expects a further boost after Gamescom."

Very playable? LOL ok you guys have 3 months before this game is printed to disc it should be on the final step to being final code not in a playable state.

"Jorgensen explained that the publisher is “very confident” about being able to hit the scheduled release date."

Again November star wars is out if your not 100% sure now then delay it.

Oh one last thing please no posting that its a e3 demo so it suppose to have low fps. This game is out in novemember that demo was in june. If your current code looks worse than bf4 performance at e3 then you got trouble.

bf4 frame rate back in 2013

2013 that footage you cant get 60fps in 2015 on that engine yet? sad just sad.


Quick note i know that bf4 test was in sp so here is bf4 mp fps test:

But bf4 has way more stuff happening on screen i mean lets face it battlefield 3 on ps3 had more action going on then that star wars demo LOL.

Online fps that needs bots ugh generation is getting worse.

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