Nvidia Outright Calls Metal Gear Solid V a Kojima Productions Game in New Promotion

Nvidia isn't playing around when it comes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, branding the upcoming title as a Kojima Productions game without even a head nod to Konami.

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Immorals1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Good on them. Gotta give credit where it's due.

UltraNova1208d ago

Yeah but Nvidia is officially in Konami's black list as of now, since the hate on Kojima is quite real.

I can already see AMD 'supported' Konami titles going forward...

rdgneoz31207d ago

Wait, there are AMD supported pachinko machines? (as the article mentions, sadly not a satire...)

OpenGL1207d ago

I'm sure Nvidia is really worried that Konami won't port their mobile games to PC in the future.

InTheZoneAC1207d ago


it goes well with all the anime/rpgs featuring teens in tight skirts and barely visible clothing, right?

NukaCola1207d ago

I still see Hideo Kojima's name everywhere. Is this a real thing or some crazy publicity stunt? I really want to know what insanity is running through Konami's brain.

wannabe gamer1207d ago

i doubt it matters since Konami will be exiting gaming at some point in favor of casino gaming

Ocsta1207d ago

Ya know what? Screw Konami. Whatever they think or want, is irrelevant.

ThanatosDMC1207d ago

Konami burned and peed on the Kojima plant.

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Xavior_Reigns1208d ago

Damn it Nvidia, you're not making it easy for Konami to shift MGS into a quiet pachinko.

GrimmQuiorra1208d ago

This whole thing still feels surreal.

One has to wonder where Kojima might head off.

Start his own studio? Join any number of studios that want him? Maybe venture into something other than games?


MikleDemi1208d ago

I'm hoping he makes his own studio and supports all consoles and handhelds. Would be epic.


Probably start his own studio, and take his talents to a publisher who will be more than happy to give him the creative freedom he desires. Kojima and Del Toro are very much still in touch and while it wont be Silent Hills they seem to be working on something else.

Hasswell-NeverCold1208d ago

Who cares, we all know it and that will be my last metal gear I'm not waiting years upon years after that, I'm getting old. =P

Dabigsiebowski1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Yeah good guy Nvidia to throw it's name into the drama over a franchise it really never has nor ever did have anything to do with. How about they quit the fluff and actually say something about their horrible driver support for Windows 10. "Oh man we are getting flack for not being prepared, better hop on the bandwagon and support Kojima so it makes us look like we care" Oh and make sure we pump out more hair works to developers so we can cripple those with AMD cards! " we got your back Kojima but not gamers in general!"

Disagree all you want haha, I just hope when the naysayers spend money on a card that costs more than a console that clearly doesn't work nearly as it's supposed to that you sit there beating your head on your desk wondering why you trusted this company. They purposely nerfed performance on old gpu's hoping more people would upgrade sooner and spend more money and lose out on the hidden performance they took away from a driver update.
Keep supporting Nvidia guys, they truly are an honest company with nothing to hide "coff" 970 3.5gb coff"

KwietStorm1208d ago

That wasn't off topic at all. Every word you said was completely related to Kojima and Metal Gear. Applause.

Mega241208d ago

I see I triggered a level of saltiness never seen before, sorry you got mad for a simple comment...

shloobmm31208d ago

They have already released a handful of win 10 drivers. I havent had any issues and have seen an FPS increase in every single one of my games.

ShottyGibs1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Wow.. So many disagrees. I can only imagine it's from the swarm of PC noobs who brought 970's and don't know any better since they've yet to use up their vram . I have a 980ti and totally agree with you. Nvidia are a greedy shadey bunch. They did in fact lie about 3.5 GB's.. Hence the class action lawsuit. They also gimped older Kepler cards by dropping decent driver support and overloading tessallation to make Maxwell appear like a knock out.
If AMD manage to build a faster card I'll gladly support them.

Dabigsiebowski1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Mad? I'm not mad lol, the only people who should be mad are the older Kepler users, and those of us waiting for a response from Nvidia on issues they seem to be dodging which they've been doing a lot of dodging lately. Keep supporting Nvidia tho, they sure like to push the industry foward....and then backwards so you pay more $$$$. Fools lol

Praise a company like AMD whose performance is right with them with cheaper prices. Oh and they tried to squeeze more performance out of cards by developing a next Gen api called mantle which forced M$ hand to not be lazy and deliver a newer way more up to date dx12. Now that's a company...oh and they also released drivers to improve performance that Nvidia keeps trying to cripple with the crap proprietary systems they keep coming up with that no one really asked for. Devs can implement tools similar to hair works or any tech like that at their own leisure without having to go the cheap and easy route while screwing over a vast user base.
Why are all these pc games broken on a $600+ card??
Hmmmmmm..... keep supporting Nvidia Fan boys and buy a box of tissues while your at it when your games run like utter garbage.

Ironthighs1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

lol he's just trolling all.

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