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"Ouya, the 2013 Kickstarter-funded, Android-based console that was supposed to completely turn the home console market upside down, has been sold to Razer, who is going to cannibalize its assets for Cortex, their own digital market that is part of Android TV. Daily Reaction is looking back — as the Ouya was the catalyst for the first ever Daily Reaction — and reading Ouya’s eulogy." - PSLS

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uth111206d ago

You need a vibrant ecosystem to convince consumers to buy a new console, but you can't build that ecosystem without customers. Kind of a catch-22

SilentNegotiator1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

A lack of unity killed it. You can't have a dozen different android systems on the market with all sorts of different sub-marketplaces and controllers, etc.

Maybe if Google released an android console and refused to license to other people wanting to do android consoles (or only allowed them to do it with strict guidelines that made unified development easy) they could have built up something, but Ouya and all of the other Android consoles were a disaster.

magiciandude1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I have guessed the Ouya would've been DOA the moment I first heard about it, and here we are. Guessing that one right was too easy...

lameguy1206d ago

Ouya was terrible in all aspects and doesn't even deserve a eulogy.

Ouya was not designed to advance the State of the 'art'. Where art equates to:
- Story telling
- Gameplay
- Music
- Visuals
- Raw hardware and software technology

It was created in the hopes of advancing the State of a 'Business'. Where business equated to:
- A rampant and hostile F2P / P2W environment geared toward Whale hunting (originally it was a requirement to be F2P if releasing on Ouya)
- A platform that encouraged flooding its store with low-quality shovel ware and clones for inflated "app counts"
- A false do-good(er) pretense that they were all about gaming; in reality they were just taking advantage of Android's hype and reach
- Direct manipulation of a consumer's willingness to buy barely meaningful trinkets of content at a time (microtransactions)

No one should've ever supported it.

1206d ago