Electronic Arts Has Three New IP Games Coming in Q4, New Battlefield Coming Next Fall

During its quarterly earnings conference, Electronic Arts shared an interesting piece of information about upcoming games.

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crazychris41241205d ago

With destruction that rivals the previous game in the series.

One of the new IPs might be Criterion's new action sports game that they teased last year.

venom061205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

doesnt really matter what the next Battlefield game will be titled (Battlefield 5, 2143, BC3)..... as long as it has ALL the fixes and updates from the CTE and a stable launch like Hardline's was, IT HAS POTENTIAL TO BE GREAT.. cant wait..

JamesBroski1205d ago

Yea and a destruction engine that doesn't kill you when you stand on top of buildings.

WellyUK1205d ago

@Venom06 well it does because BF has slowly become like cod... Guns with 0 recoil, too much stuff on your screen, Game handholds you and well team work has completely vanished from BF recently.

Would personally rather have a 2143 sequel than a BC3 one. But a WW2 BF would be the one I would want the most.

nowitzki20041204d ago

Still don't understand how Bad Company 2 had better destruction than BF3.... And was more fun. Bad Company 2 is #2 in BF games in my list behind BF2... BF2 just holds a special place in my heart and I don't think any shooter will top it for me.

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venom061205d ago

so glad CTE was implemented. Really gives the fans comfort knowing so many of the fixes and changes will be in future Battlefield titles. BF4 is a blast to play now (after a rough start) and any future ones can definitely avoid many of the same gameplay issues because of work done in the CTE.

TWB1205d ago

Sounds good to me, Im hoping for some interesting new IPs.

Also, hoping for a proper BF title next, something amazing and even better than BF4. Hopefully they keep Obliteration as it was easily my favourite mode in BF4.

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mrzeeman3211205d ago

Pshh. Call me when the cancer known as EA ceases to exist. Maybe then I'll care.

Abriael1205d ago

Yeah, sure. let's put thousands of developers out of a job, because cancer.

Goodness, at times I can't even.

mrzeeman3211205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Well then they could just relocate to a better developer and their talents would be put to better use rather than being stuck making the same Battlefield DLC fest rehash. 'Course I'm just speaking hypothetically, it's not that easy to just switch jobs on a whim. You make a good point there.

nowitzki20041204d ago

I wish EA was different but a lot of games they have made in my lifetime are high on my list. No way in hell I want EA to disappear. Just change.

gangsta_red1204d ago

Say what you want about EA (as you did) but they have made some really good games. Mass Effect, Dead Space 1 and 2, Dragon Age 1 and 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and other games.

Sure they have had their missteps along the way but a company that has been around for that many of years and pumping out a lot of games is bound to happen.

I hope they continue to stay and support the video game industry with as many games as possible.

lxlkuyaboilxl1205d ago

What if Criterion made some crazy Road Rash/Twisted Metal kind of game?

They've worked on many racing games with Burnout and Need For Speed. Mix that with insane destruction and gunplay from Battlefield/Black. I don't know if that would be an awesome game or a complete mess haha.

ocelot071205d ago

Hmmmmm I wouldn't mind seeing a Destruction Derby type game from Criterion.

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