Frat Party Games - Pong Toss (WiiWare World)

Before we start it's worth noting that Pong Toss began life as "Beer Pong" but due to worries about references to alcohol, developer JV Games decided to change the name to the more family-friendly "Pong Toss" and also removed all the naughty drinks from the game as well. We're sure Nintendo and the ESRB were more than a little relieved but ironically it turns out that drinking a few cans before firing up this disappointing title might be the only way to gain any enjoyment.

For those not familiar with Beer Pong, the game is played using a number of small cups placed in a bowling pin fashion at both ends of the table. Each player stands behind their group of cups and must toss a ping pong ball into his opponent's cups, one at a time. You can either toss the ball directly into the cup, or even bounce it off of the table. When you successfully toss a ping pong ball into your opponent's cup, it's then "removed" from the table. Your goal is to get your ball into all of your opponent's cups before he does the same to yours. It's a simple premise that's quite fun in real life, but that's largely down to the inclusion of intoxicating liquids....

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Capt CHAOS3710d ago

Sounds like a game where you have to toss something that's got a pongy smell..