5 Allegedly Controversial Games/Scenes

Video-games get a lot of heat in the media, they also get blamed for events carried out by inherently evil people in the world. Ironically, people tend to focus on the game and not the player who commits the acts. So, what scenes/games have been considered controversial and shunned by the media. Let’s take a look at a few that have been chosen on this occasion.

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Yukes1206d ago

Can understand why most of these court controversy in fairness. I found No Russian unpleasant and actually wholly unsatisfying in particular. No point being controversial just for controversy's sake.

ChrisW1206d ago

Media has no consistency...

Maple221206d ago

I think people will always find something in games that they deem to be controversial... Won't stop us plaything them though.

EchoFyre1206d ago

Without controversy games wouldn't be as interesting, personally think that more games should be risky/out there to bring players fresh experiences

MrsNesbitt1205d ago

People forget their fictional and at times too sensitive. I agree with you. thanks for your comment :)