Gaming Trend Preview - Dragon Age: Origins

Gaming Trend writes: "We are introduced to our character, a soon-to-be-inducted Grey Warden warrior (you can also play as a male or female rogue or wizard) as we make our way to the camp of King Cailan. King Cailan (the Grey Warden wearing gold armor in the trailer) is an impetuous and young ruler, emboldened by recent hollow victories against The Blight, and reckless in his approach to battle. At his side is the ever-present voice of reason, Teyrn Loghain. Loghain (who sounds like Simon Templeman, aka Kain from the Legacy of Kain series) serves as tactical support to the na?ve and inexperienced King. Distrustful of the nonchalant approach that the King has taken to the impending battle, he offers caution but his ruler will have none of it."

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