Microsoft Considers Unlocking Xbox 360 Once Support Ends

Microsoft could consider the idea of unlocking Xbox 360 once its lifecycle and developers support officially ends, according to Xbox Head Phil Spencer. The news comes as Spencer himself answered a question by a fan, hinting this could be a proper option for the future of the platform.

Even though Spencer didn't offer an "official answer", he said Microsoft will have to think about it in the future "to state our plan", as you can see in the tweet below.

Unlocking Xbox 360 would allow people to turn their consoles in emulators and put them into custom cabinets, for example, but this is just one example from the many things you could do with an unlocked system.

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SaveFerris1210d ago

What a great idea. Besides what is mentioned above, what else could be done with an 'unlocked' 360?

gamerz1209d ago

Anything really; Media server, web server, home security, [email protected], video conferencing. The most interesting is such common identical hardware that's dirt cheap.

breakpad1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

that s a good idea ..if it happens ...Sony owes to fans do the same think with PS3

thereapersson1210d ago

They're basically saying it's now okay in the eyes of the company to do what hackers have been doing for the last decade and a half to consoles. I remember having friends in high school that had their original Xboxes loaded up with emulators and ROMS. Pretty sweet, and not something I'm aware of that you can easily do on a Sony console.

TWB1209d ago

Well, PS2 is somewhat easy to softmod but it doesnt mean that its exactly an "unlocked" console. Still you can do alot with a softmodded PS2.

There are many ways but probably the easiest and most straight forward method is to get a specific PS1 game (which is pretty common), load your USB drive with some files, make a burned copy of that PS1 game (with some altered files) and do few steps. When you have done it properly, the installation process is pretty much automatic.

I kinda have to do this soon because my other PS2s (slim) disc drive is about to give up. If I softmod it, I can apparently run some ripped PS2 games (in ISO format) off from a thumb drive or even possibly from an external HDD.

thereapersson1209d ago

I'll have to try this sometime

FallenAngel19841210d ago

What an excellent way to send off a console

SilentNegotiator1209d ago

That would be great, but I don't see it happening because there's simply nothing in it for Microsoft. But once it stops getting updates, I'm sure it will be hacked wide open anyway.

Petebloodyonion1209d ago

How about good publicity?
The truth is allowing or not won't change a lot for the future of the console. Hacker who enjoy this kind of thing will do it without or witout Ms approval.
As for average Joe, Unlocking a console means the same thing as the word Bidouilleur in french.

SilentNegotiator1209d ago

They're not going to relinquish a platform for just publicity.

1209d ago
Xbonewone320151209d ago

"Nothing in it..."

Except it would spike a sales increase in 360's you mean...

cfc831209d ago

Decent idea. It will keep many people alligned to the ms brand. This and other plans will keep 360 punters on the xb1 track, and make many 360 to ps4 players want an xb1. The gloves are off. The more ps4 sells, the better the deals for xb1 players.

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The story is too old to be commented.