Warframe: "Echoes of the Sentient" Update Drops This Week

Warframe is receiving a major update this week. "Echoes of the Sentient" will launch later this week, bringing a new features and game play.

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ChozenWoan1205d ago

Man do i wish my closest friends had PS4s so we could all move on to Warframe and leave Destiny behind.

Better loot system
Better customization
Better storyline
Better DLC system (free)

Man I miss this game.

TheGreatGamer1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I tell all my friends on Xbox One playing destiny to play WF instead exactly because of these reasons

spacedelete1205d ago

its crazy people paid for Destiny when theres a loot game better than it and its free.

NiteX1205d ago

Warframe is fun in small doses. It gets stale very quickly. The worst thing about it to me is the mission setup that forces you to do lame game modes that I really wish I didn't have to like that annoying excavation... good god I hate excavation with a passion. Oh yeah and the horrible grind for the littlest things. Also what do you even consider loot? The mods? Pretty underwhelming.

justy1121205d ago

couldn't agree more, WarFrame is pretty fun especially when your part of a Clan and alliance doing rail battles. I've had lots of enjoyable time Warframe and i still do from time to time.

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Viryu1205d ago

Still no Valkyr Prime QQ. I'm waiting with returning to Warframe just for this one tiny iny bit of content. I could even cope with Vandal Valkyr XD